Confederate Prom Dress

Jacqueline Duty worked years on designing her senior prom outfit – a sequined red dress patterned after the Confederate battle flag. The principal of Russell High School in Russell, Ky., deemed the dress “too controversial” and warned Jacqueline not to wear it to the prom, but she did so anyway. She said she had no other gown to wear and hoped administrators would change their minds. Instead, she was barred from the school event.

Jacqueline sued the school district, claiming her First Amendment rights had been violated. “I wanted to show part of my Southern heritage,” she said.

Confederate Prom Dress

  • What First Amendment right is at issue in this case?

  • If you were Jacqueline, how would you defend your right to wear the prom dress?

  • If you were a school administrator, how would you defend banning the prom dress?

  • What do you think the outcome of this case should be? Why?

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