Serverless for Frontend Developers

By Gokulakrishnan Kalaikovan

Web Developer @ThoughtWorks | GDE

What the heck is Serverless ?

The difference between traditional cloud computing and serverless is that you, the customer who requires the computing, doesn’t pay for underutilized resources. Instead of spinning up a server in AWS for example, you’re just spinning up some code execution time. The serverless computing service takes your functions as input, performs logic, returns your output, and then shuts down. You are only billed for the resources used during the execution of those functions.

What the heck is Serverless ?

  • Serverless doesn’t mean without servers. It does involves server except you will be using someone else’s server.
  • Also known as Cloud Functions or Function as a Service (FaaS).

Eg: AWS Lambda, GCP, Azure, Netlify, ZEIT etc,


Advantages of Serverless

  • Automatic scaling
  • Cheaper
  • Security
  • No DevOps
  • Cloud function will give me URL


Use Cases

  • Web & Mobile API’s
  • Static hosting with backend service. Eg: Netlify
  • Anything under 15 mins (Previous it was 5 mins) backend process can user cloud functions.

Code Example & Demo.


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Ref: Power of serverless

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