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Tonight’s Agenda

  • Introductions
  • Our Mission, Expectations
    • School Vision
    • Code of Conduct
  • Digital Citizenship
  • Student Supports
    • What can you expect?
  • Allied Arts
  • Grading at the Middle School
  • Student & Transition Activities
  • Questions



Robert Riley - Principal

Tom Smith - Assistant Principal

Terri Dawson -Technology Integrator

Mike Coffin - School Resource Officer

Heather Richards

School Counselor

Thom Courtney

Social Worker

Brooke Proulx

Substance Abuse/Social Worker

GMS Vision Statement

Gorham Middle School is a learning

community that empowers students

to achieve excellence and inspires

them to become model citizens.


Code of Conduct







Digital Citizenship

  • Middle School Expectations
  • Cell phone use & misuse (Apps)
  • Cell phone Hotspots use expensive data
  • Devices managed at school
  • Options for device management at home
  • Apps to control use & links to resources














Snapchat uses messages that are meant to disappear (learn more about how they actually don't). Something about snapping, sharing, and then forgetting about life's little moments has massive appeal for kids.

Omegle's - site’s catch phrase, "Talk to strangers!" The site puts two strangers together in a chat room. Though chats start out anonymous, users often ask for and share personal information. Language is uncensored, and sexual come-ons and requests for email addresses are common.

TikTok-used to be Music.ly- singing, lip-synch, and share videos; watch for iffy content.

Instagram-is a popular platform for instantly enhancing photos and videos with cool effects and sharing them across a number of social media platforms.

Fortnite- This survival-action game is a bit like what you'd get if you combined a building game like Minecraft with an action shooter like Call of Duty. On one hand, it's getting major points with kids and parents alike for building teamwork and thoughtful collaboration. On the other hand, it's a combat-based game with tons of guns and violence.

Discord is an app and site that allows gamers to connect via text, voice, and video. It's similar to a discussion board like Reddit, but the conversations are hosted on various servers -- which anyone can create -- and each server can have multiple channels. The main purpose of the platform is to be able to chat with your team while playing an online game, but people also use it as straight-up social media, even if they're not playing.

Roblox- is a game-creation website where users design and upload their own games, as well as play other games in a multiplayer environment. Some of the gameplay is advanced, and many games include weapons.

Twitch- is an online streaming site that covers both gaming and non-gaming content. It has many settings that can help restrict kids' contact with other users, such as options that block private chat-room invites. Users watch Ninja stream fortnite play.

Houseparty- Group Video Chat is a video-focused social media app. Friends (and friends of friends) can communicate with each other via live video and texts.

Whisper- is a social "confessional" app that allows users to post whatever's on their mind, which is then paired with an image. All too often, those whispers are sexual -- and sometimes so are users trying to meet with other users for sex. There's copious strong language and sexual images (though no actual sex is shown). The app also encourages private communications in which users can exchange images and personal information.

Holla, This app is freemium social networking app that lets users conduct live video chat sessions with random strangers. Once you sign up using a phone number or your Facebook account, you can get matched instantly with a stranger -- and both you and they appear on camera. Or you can swipe Tinder-style until you like someone and they like you (by tapping a heart). You can also enable location tracking to be paired with someone nearby. Dangerous for kids!

YUBO-formerly Yellow - Make New Friends) is a social media app for iOS and Android devices that lets users create a profile, share their location, and flip through images of other users in their area. It's similar to Tinder in that users are invited to swipe right on profiles they like and swipe left on profiles they don’t, and you can endlessly browse the profiles of people in your area.

Poof – Hides other apps on your phone. You select which apps you would like to hide and their icons will no longer show up on your smartphone screen.

Takes the place of the OLD Calculator App. https://www.raisingboysandgirls.com/raisingboysandgirls-blog/poof-app

A teenager who is distraught over her parent's unwillingness to let them have snapchat.

Poof! they can not only have it, but can cause it to disappear whenever a parent walks in the room.

Addictive App Design

Features or aspects of a device or app that are intended to hook the user into frequent use

Feedback Loop

A response to something you do or post online that causes your brain to experience a temporary moment of pleasure



Little red number notifications- people want to connect with me...feeling of self worth.

The Color Psychology of Red is a bright, warm color that evokes strong emotions.

Red is experienced as attraction booster

For a middle school student that is growing into their identity it is a strong feeling of connectedness.

What makes a healthy media plan for me?



How much?

What kinds of media are you consuming (or creating)?

For example, are you watching a movie? Searching for videos on YouTube?

Playing online games?

What device(s) are you using to consume (or create) the media?

When are you consuming
(or creating) the media?

What day of the week?

What time of day?

What else is happening at this time (e.g., during dinnertime, right after waking up in the morning, etc.)?

How much are you consuming?

How long did you spend consuming (or creating) the media?

How often do you consume
the media?


Shareable with attribution for noncommercial use. Remixing is permitted.

These questions are different for everyone.

What= Is it age appropriate?

When= Does it interfere with family activities or bedtime?

How Much= How much of a child's day is devoted to screen time? Are they just consuming or are they creating too?

Meet Circle

There are ways to mitigate a child's screen time…

Circle pairs with your home Wi-Fi and lets you manage every connected device on your network, both wireless and wired, without ever needing to put software on them. With Circle you can set Time Limits for apps and websites, finally getting online screen time in check. You can also set up age appropriate filters that apply to all their devices, and you can even give rewards to your kids when they’ve earned them.

GPS Tracking

Location trackers are on turned on by default on most Apps. Do you want your child tracked?

Free, easy to install home network filtering option for Parents.

We teach students how to navigate and become good digital citizens.

After School Sports and Activities

After School activities

Civil Rights
Debate Club
I-Team (Innovation Team)
Student Council

Chess Club


Boys & Girls Basketball
Boys & Girls LAX
Cross Country
Field Hockey
Indoor & Outdoor Track

Tom - These can vary slightly each year….

Student Supports

Heather Richards

School Counselor

Thom Courtney

Social Worker

Brooke Proulx

Substance Abuse/Social Worker

We strive to provide a range of supports to help students respond to the changing social, emotional and academic needs they experience during their day.


Rude vs. Mean vs. Bullying Behavior

  • Rude - Inadvertently saying or doing something that hurts someone else.

*burping in someone’s face

*throwing leaves at someone

*jumping ahead in line

  • Mean - Purposefully saying or doing something to hurt someone once (or maybe twice).

*”I hate you!”

* “You are so ugly/fat/stupid.”

*”I played so much better than you in that game last night”

  • Bullying - Intentionally aggressive behavior, repeated over time, that involves an imbalance of power and there is no sense of regret or remorse.

*Can be physical, verbal, relational or cyber


What can you expect with a Middle Schooler in the house?

  • A major Developmental need during Middle School is to separate from family
  • They want to increase their independence
    • Need to take risks
    • Try on new identities and friends
    • Will want to negotiate new rules



  • Ways you can support
    • Clear expectations and consequences
    • Be a safe harbor
    • Give them the Gift of Failure!


Allied Arts!


Visual Arts

We focus on creative thinking, art literacy and exploring a variety of different media through various techniques and processes.

  • Drawing from observation (nature/objects)
  • Design (portfolio covers)
  • Painting natural forms/sculptures
  • Collage mixed Media (Architecture, notano)
  • Metal Relief


Performing Arts

Music Class -

  • Learn to play guitar
  • Study Broadway Musicals
  • Compose music on laptops with various applications
  • All students work towards the standards;
    • Performing, Reading, Composing and Describing Music.

Steel Band & Chorus - open to all 6th graders and meets during the day! (not after school!!) Both ensembles participate in many performance opportunities in the community and around the state.



  • 6th Grade band meets every day during WIN.
  • Any students who played in band as a 5th graders are automatically accepted in the band program.
  • Students can participate in both band, chorus and steel band.
  • 6th Grade students can begin an instrument this year!
  • Jazz Band meets on Thursdays and anyone who plays piano, bass, drum kit as well as trumpet, trombone and saxophone can join the Jazz Band. Students must participate in Concert Band to play in the Jazz Band.
  • Both Concert Band and Jazz Band participate in many community events as well as district and state level festivals and competitions.



The goal of the health curriculum is to help prepare students to lead healthy, productive lives.

Topics include:

  • Dimensions of Health
  • Substance Abuse Prevention
  • Growth and Development
  • Knowing Teen Resources
  • Nutrition
  • Skills focused on include:
    • Goal setting
    • Decision making
    • Advocacy


Physical Education

The focus of the Gorham Middle School physical education program is to provide an opportunity for students to participate in a wide variety of physical activities on a daily basis. Students will explore and apply information, as well as participate in activities that empower them to assume responsibility for their own lifetime health, wellness and fitness.

  • PE activities include:
  • Cooperative Games
  • Strength and Conditioning
  • Teams Sports & Activities
  • Individual Sports & Activities
  • Walk/Jog Program
  • Team Building Activities

* Parents please note: sneakers and a change of clothes are required daily for PE.


Proficiency Based Learning


ALL 6th Grade Teachers and Students use JumpRope

JumpRope is a Proficiency Based Grading System

Best resource for help with JumpRope is

Guidance Secretary

Terry LaMontagne



Transition Activities

Step Up Day - June 17

K-5 School Visits - June 11

GMS Block Party/Dance - May 31

Parenting in the Risk-Taking Years - May 31

GMS visit by special education program students - Ongoing


Placement - Process

  • Each Team will look like entire grade level
  • Placement of specific students with IEP’s and 504 plans
  • Parent Input via forms
  • Teacher Input
  • Changes under specific conditions starting in mid August


Important Resources



Feel free to contact anyone of us with questions or concerns.

Incoming 6th Grade Parent Night - Google Slides