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Welcome to Uber

Thank you for joining us - we’re excited to have you on board.

In this session we hope to give you all the tools you need to be a successful Uber Partner.

What is Uber?

Uber is a ridesharing platform that connects riders and partner drivers using a smartphone application.

By using technology and focusing on safety and customer service, we aim to increase urban mobility, create economic opportunities and support Malaysian cities.

Your journey begins now

Training Overview

App Walkthrough

How To Be A 5 Star Partner

Payments and Incentives

The Uber basics. How to use the App.

Quality is important. Let us guide you on how to be an amazing partner.

Don’t just work hard, work smart. Let us show you how to make the most of your trips.

Today’s Agenda

App Walkthrough

How to use the Uber Partner App like a Pro



App Walkthrough

Play Store - UberPartner

Here’s where you can download the Uber Partner app

(Settings - General - Device Management - Trust UberPartner App)

App Walkthrough

How to Start Driving

  • Open the app, tap on ‘Go Online’ and select the vehicle you’ve registered.

  • Tap ‘Go Online’ to start driving!

Note: When driving on the Uber platform, only use the vehicle which you have registered.

App Walkthrough

Accepting a Request

  • Before your first trip, ensure that your photo is clear and your entire face is visible.

  • Partners will be matched with the rider that is closest to them.

  • The app will alert you with a ‘beep-ing’ sound when you are matched with a rider

  • Tap on the screen to accept the trip.
    (*you have 15 seconds to accept the trip)
  • Poor photo
  • Good photo

App Walkthrough

Starting a Trip

  • After accepting the trip, drive to the address shown on the screen.

  • Call the rider to confirm the exact pick up location.

  • To call the rider, click on the top corner of the screen (the screen on the right will appear)

  • Drive to the pick up location and slide to ‘Start trip’ once you and your rider are ready. If your rider does not turn up, the trip will start after 2 minutes.

App Walkthrough

The trip and completion

  • Riders may key-in their drop off location.

  • If they have not, ask the rider where their drop off location is, and key it into ‘Enter Dropoff Location’.

  • Ask your rider if they have a preferred route - if not, use the directions provided by Waze/Google Maps

  • Upon arrival at the dropoff location, confirm that it is his final destination before sliding ‘Complete Trip’
    (image on the left)

  • Rate your rider and slide ‘Complete Rating’.
    (image on the right)

App Walkthrough

Forwarded Trips - Allowing you to get more trips and earn more money.

  • Partners may now receive their next trip request while they are nearing the end of a current trip (before that the trip is over).
  • After the trip is accepted, you will be returned to the navigation for the current trip.
  • After completing the trip and rating the rider, you will automatically be ready to go for the next trip.
  • This is so that everytime you go online, you can get as many trips as possible.

App Walkthrough

Destination based Trips

  • Twice a day, Driver Partner's will now be able to set destination based trips

  • You will only receive trips that are on the way to pre-set destination points

  • Please note, you are not guaranteed a trip, if star power is turned on, rather Uber will try to pair you with a Rider

App Walkthrough

Cash Trips - Uber Now Accepts Cash as Payment for Trips

  • If the trip is a cash trip, at the end of the trip, the screen will flash green and show the amount to be collected. (image on the left)

  • You must confirm that you have collected the fare before you can slide to complete the trip.
  • Earnings Boost also applies for Cash trips!

#PROTip: Carry RM30 - RM50 in small change to help make transactions easier.

Cash Trips

Service Fee

Gross fares


Net fares

(after service fee)

Final amount

Fares total

RM 1000


RM 750

Total:RM 750 + incentives


RM 500

Credit card

RM 500

Uber Fee* (RM 250)


RM 500

Credit card

RM 250


RM 500

RM 250 + incentives

  • The Uber Service Fee will be taken from payments for credit card payments and incentives.
  • Incentives will be paid as usual for all trips

*The example given is for uberX and Black where the fee is 25% for uberXL the fee is 28%

Payments and Incentives

When we pay you and how you make the most of each trip

Payment And Incentives

Payment Cycle

Payments and Incentives

Uber Fares (subject to Uber Service Fee %)

uberX (25%)

uberXL (28%)

Uber BLACK* (25%)

Base Fares




Per KM




Per Min




Flat Fares





Genting Highlands




*All non-surge airport trips will be topped up by RM8, equivalent to RM73 excl. tolls

Don’t worry
about short trips

What do you earn?

Paying for Tolls

Payments and Incentives

The fares average themselves out after
10 trips.

Drivers take home 75%
of the fare on uberX and 72% of the fares on uberXL.

Pay for tolls with Touch
‘n Go or SmartTag! Do
ask your riders for cash for tolls. Tolls are reimbursed in full.

General Information

Payments and Incentives

Surge Pricing

  • 3 Stages of surge. SURGE means Fare Multiplies

Yellow (Healthy requests level)

Orange (High request level)

Red (Critical request level)

  • Typical SURGE times?
      • 8AM – 10AM Weekdays,
      • 12PM – 3PM Thu/Fri and
      • 5PM – 7PM
  • Typical Surge Areas: KLCC, Bangsar and Mont Kiara.
  • SURGE also applies to FLAT RATES (i.e., KLIA & Genting)

Payments and Incentives

Earnings Boost - Guaranteed Higher Earnings

Earnings Boost Areas are areas where demand is so high that we're guaranteeing higher fares

Scroll up from the Map View to see which areas are entitled to our special fare guarantees

Once a trip with earnings boost has been completed, check the app and it'll reflect your earnings boost on-the-spot!

#PROtip: Uber does not take service fee from Earnings Boost - meaning you'll receive the full boost amount!

Payment and Incentives

Planning Your Week

Earnings Boosts are updated every week!

To see how much we guarantee, go to “View all promotions” on your homepage, and you will be directed to the weekly promotions page.

Payments and Incentives

Multiplying Your Fares

For example: You complete a trip in the Area with Earnings Guarantees of 1.3x:



Uber Fee (25%)


Earnings Boost* (x1.3)

RM75 x 0.3 = RM22.50


RM75 - RM18.75 + RM22.50

Total Earnings (excl. tolls)


*Uber takes zero service fee from earnings boost

Track Your Earnings

In Real-Time!

It is important to know how much you’ve earned.

We provide a simple and elegant way to track your weekly earnings.

Just click the EARNINGS button and your weekly earnings will be displayed.

Swipe right to see your previous week’s performance, and to track how much you’ve earned!

Payments and Incentives

Refer a friend and be rewarded

We want to help you earn even faster.

Refer a friend and earn a referral token!

More info at:

Or refer your in-app notification card.

Refer a friend today!


Updating your Bank Account Details

Go to:

Please input Kuala Lumpur as your bank branch city

In-App Support

Help. Right at Your Fingertips.

We’re Here to Help

No Problem is too Small.

Have an Issue?

Go to the ‘Account’ tab at the bottom right-hand corner of the screen and select Help.

You can then select your issue type and receive the relevant assistance and information you need.

We’re Here to Help

Fare Issues (An Example)

If you have an issue with your fare, go to:

  • ‘Trips and Fare Review’ and select the trip with the issue.

  • Select Fare Review from the menu.

  • In Fare Review you will be able to select your issue including:
    • Tolls Not Processed
    • Trip Refund
    • Fare Dispute
    • Earnings Boost
    • and many more

Reviews are usually processed within 48 hours

How to be a 5 Star Partner

Quality, Safety and Respect

How To Be A 5 Star Driver

Customer Service - A Hallmark of the Uber Experience

  • Keep Your Car Clean and Tidy

Avoid clutter, and for best effect, also use an air freshener.

  • Dress Appropriately

Smart dressing will create a good first impression.

  • Only Go Online When Ready

To avoid delaying a rider, make sure you only go online when you are ready and ensure that you have enough fuel.

  • Greet your Rider

When the rider enters the car, greet them and confirm their name for verification purposes.

How To Be A 5 Star Driver

Safety - Our Main Priority

Safety Belt

Always ensure that both you wear your safety belt before you start the trip.

Install a Mobile Phone Holder - and NEVER text while driving.

Make sure both hands are always on the steering wheel when you drive.

Harsh braking and speeding

Do not break abruptly and follow speed limits. This is especially important during periods of bad weather.

No drinking, no smoking and no drugs

Doing any of the above will have severe consequences if performed while driving.

Obey all road and traffic laws

It is compulsory for all Uber Partners to obey all traffic laws.

Always mind your surroundings before you move the vehicle

How To Be A 5 Star Partner Driver

Professionalism - Conducting Yourself as a Professional

We strongly advise you not to contact a rider or save their number after a trip.

This is in breach of the law (Personal Data Protection Act 2010) and the individual

could press charges

Do make sure you are alone when you’re online on the Uber system.

For safety reasons, our Community Guidelines state that all Uber trips

Steer clear of sensitive topics of conversation

To maintain great driver ratings, steer clear of any sensitive or controversial conversation topics.

We strongly discourage eating, drinking or play loud music on Uber rides

Respect is a core element of Uber’s community guidelines.

We’re an inclusive, equal-opportunity service

Uber welcomes everyone based on sex, race or religious preferences. So should you! We take complaints on discrimination very seriously.

Support Centre

In case you you need a hand.

Call Support

03 8408 1010 or 1800 818 459

Monday - Sunday 9am - 6pm

Any further enquiries:

Support and Enquiries

Emergency Hotline

24/7 Emergencies Only

Emergency Hotline (24H)


This Guide is available at

Thank you

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