Folio Report

Presenter: Brandon Cole, Marmot Library Network

Session: Thursday, October 3rd at 3 p.m.

Room: Mesa & Monument Rooms

What is FOLIO?

  • Open Source ILS
  • Developed by a community of Libraries
    • Investment from EBSCO
    • Hosted by Open Library Foundation
  • Modular
    • Extensible

Is Marmot replacing Sierra with FOLIO?

  • The short answer
    • NO
  • The middle sized answer
    • FOLIO has the potential to shake up the ILS market
    • Marmot wants to be informed about FOLIO
    • Understand FOLIO enough to answer questions
    • If FOLIO is a viable replacement or alternative to Sierra a thoughtful migration would be imperative

What role is Marmot taking with FOLIO?

  • Marmot is taking a proactive role
    • Participation in relevant Special Interest Groups (SIGs)
      • Consortia SIG
      • Public SIG
      • Cataloging SIG
    • Staying informed about developments
    • Setting up a test instance

Demo of current stable release

  • Test will be on the public FOLIO sandbox
    • Marmot test instance is not yet available
    • No Marmot information available in the test system
    • No special configuration for Marmot settings
MUG 2019 Folio Report - Google Slides