Volunteer Work Projects at District School Sites

San Marino USD

Board of Education Meeting

May 14, 2019

Presented by Julie Boucher

Assistant Superintendent, Business Services


District Regulations and Policies

Board Policy and Administrative Regulation 1240 “Volunteer Assistance” - "Board encourages parents/guardians and other members of the community to share their time, knowledge, and abilities with students." Volunteer work is specifically "limited to those projects that do not replace the normal duties of classified staff."

The Superintendent is authorized to assign volunteers to work on short-term facilities projects in strict conformance with a number of requirements.

Board Policy and Administrative Regulation 1330 Use of School Facilities - Requirements for groups or persons using school facilities for activities such as volunteer projects.


Compliance Requirements

California Environmental Quality Act ("CEOA") compliance, Zoning, Permits or other Entitlements

Public Works Classification

Department of Industrial Relations

Labor Code Compliance

Division of State Architect Approval and Inspector


Other Considerations

District Approval of Plans and/or Amendments

Collective Bargaining Requirements

Parental Consent

Laws Pertaining to Minors

Insurance Requirements

Maintenance Changes and Costs


Other Considerations (continued)

Performance/Payment Bond

Criminal Background and Fingerprint Certification

Verification of Sufficient Funds

Gift Acknowledgement

Future Expenditures Directly Tied to Donated Services, Materials, and/or Equipment


Project Consideration Process/Form

The District is in the process of developing a Volunteer Project Request Form, similar to the District’s Capital Projects Request Form, to provide prospective volunteers and volunteer organizations with a format to submit proposed volunteer projects to the Superintendent or designee for consideration.




Volunteer Work Projects - Bd Mtg 5-14-19 - Google Slides