Our students need required personal finance coursework today.

[Insert District/School Name here]

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The Evidence is Overwhelming:

required financial education works.

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Graduates from states with personal finance graduation requirements


...more likely to save a rainy day fund

...less likely to max out credit cards

...less likely to make late payments

...more likely to pay off credit cards in full

...less likely to be compulsive spenders

...more likely to take on moderate investment risks in their portfolios

Gutter, M., Copur, Z. and Garrison, S. (2010). Financial Capabilities of College Students from States with Varying Financial Education Policies. | NEFE.org

A rigorous financial education program has improved the credit scores and lowered the probability of credit delinquency for young adults.

Urban, C. and Schmeiser, M. (2013). State Financial Education Mandates: It's All in the Implementation | FINRA.org

A lasting positive


Savings and financial planning behaviors increased in both students and their parents when exposed to comprehensive financial education.

Zia, B., Legovini, A., Bruhn, M., de Souza Leao, L. and Marchetti, R. (2013). The impact of high school financial education: experimental evidence from Brazil. | worldbank.org

A financially capable community.

Closer to Home...

[If you have utilized our sample student survey or any other form of local data collection in preparation for your pitch, insert your data here.

Charts, quotes, data tables, anecdotes, family photos. All are great. Personalization is KEY. Your pitch must address financial issues pertinent to YOUR community if the pitch is to be effective.

For example, if you found in your parent survey that 75% of parents are still paying down student loans, highlight student debt statistics here.]

Most districts are lagging.

Only 1 in 6 students nationwide

graduates with a required personal finance course.

Include Screenshots & Statistics about [State] access to FinEd from NGPF’s M:2030 site here.

[Insert District Name here]

must not uphold the status quo.

[Insert District Name here]

should require ALL our students to graduate with a semester-long personal finance course.

Your specific plan...

Questions to answer:

What course will be replaced by personal finance?

Would the district need to hire any additional FTEs to staff a the expanded course?

What curricular resources will the course use? Will this cost the district money? How much?*

What PD do teachers need to ensure students get the best personal finance instruction? Will this cost money? How much?*

* Next Gen Personal Finance (NGPF) delivers FREE financial ed curriculum, PD and advocacy support. NGPF is not tied to any financial institution, and makes no attempt at recruiting students as future clients.

It’s amazing what a difference this simple line-in-the-sand makes. 10,000 teachers also say we’re the best :)

12. MAKE YOUR PITCH: School Board Pitch Powerpoint Template - Google Slides