by Seed Animation

June/July 2019.


17th July 2019

Hello.(Lionel Ritchie)

Summer is… festival season!

We are inviting character/designer animators to join us and create an animated festival of our own.

We want to show the world how we dance!

Ego Rock.(Janis Joplin)

Who are we?

We are Seed Animation based in London. Our work is playful, irreverent and quirky. We are passionate about character and we add a liberal amount of humour to everything we produce.

We love to work with like-minded artists to inspire creativity and we strongly believe the best results come from collaboration.

The Idea.(Adam and the Ants)

In true festival style, we are looking for the weird and wonderful!

Every festival goer is unique - in both shape, style and move - and you are invited to show us your slickest!

You have 4 seconds to show us what you’ve got.

We provide a music track to go with your clip and share each entry on The Big Jig Instagram page.

Think summer, fields, good times and ridiculous ‘dancing’.

Stand out. Be weird.

Imagine.(John Lennon)

Living Proof.(Bruce Springsteen)

Check out our other projects that have been created in a similar vein.

Firstly, we produced a film to raise awareness for Breast Cancer Week - working with emerging names in the commercial animation industry, who are all doing really well these days. Then we conducted a social experiment open to all, to contribute towards a game of animated Keepy Uppy, during the World Cup. And most recently we collaborated with awesome emerging artists to celebrate the alluring nature of naughty food in our film called Food Porn.

All projects have been successful and (we hope!) beneficial for everyone.

It's important for us at Seed to provide opportunities and to keep the momentum going. This time, we want to focus on the importance of music and art and how it inspires animators to create amazing things.

We Do What We Can.(Sheryl Crow)

We provide a music track to animate to.

We will share each individual animation (with the artists’ name and social handle) on the evolving Instagram page. Once we have everyone's entries, we will choose a few clips to create a film showcasing a variety of disciplines.

We will release the film on Seed Animation’s website and social media platforms.

Make It Happen.(Mariah Carey)

It’s time to show off your character animation skills!

There's no real limitations, just be sure to check the Format (next page):

  • Any character is fair game - so long as they are dancing
  • The dance style or moves are also up to you, but please avoid the FLOSS
  • The dance needs to follow the beat of the track we provide
  • We are all about vibrant colours - festival vibes win

If needed we can help you with a few examples of dance moves

We are looking to receive a dance loop to a timing of 4 seconds to a given beat (25 frames per second).

All The Right Moves.(OneRepublic)

  • Format: MP4 (max 50MB) and .MOV (uncompressed)
  • 1:1 1080x1080
  • 25 FPS, so 100 frames in total
  • 4 seconds - can be looped
  • Any colours
  • Technique is up to you!
  • Any questions let us know sooner than later

The Party Song.(Blink-182)

Please use this track in your clip:

You can download it from here:

Music by the awesome Mcasso

If it’s easier, you can animate to this ticking track:

(in your video please still use the actual music)

Here’s some music inspiration for what the whole track (in the film) will sound like

All good things.(Nelly Furtado)

Deadline: 17th July 2019

The earlier you send it to us the better.

Deliver your finished video to

We need an MP4 and the uncompressed .MOV file too for the final film, so use WeTransfer

We will need your name(!) and social handles too.

If you put it on your Instagram tag @the.big.jig and use the hashtags #thebigjig #animatedfestival

The End.(The Beatles)

The Big Jig brief - Google Slides