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This graph shows that the emissions of coal per KWH of electricity is much greater than natural gas.


If you look at the maps, there is a lot of transport required to run a coal plant. The map on the left is of the coal mines, and the map on the right is of the power plants. The power plants are more concentrated around the mines but there is still a lot of transport of coal. Coal is heavy and they use trucks and trains to transport it so that uses a lot of diesel and produces co2.

“A coal lorry is the least environmentally friendly thing ever”

Jeremy Clarkson


One solution I see is natural gas which has all the same problems but to a lesser extent. The second option is nuclear is not bad for the environment, until it is. If a reactor melts down then it is big deal.


Nuclear is a great source of energy because it is very clean, the only emission is water. The transportation is not a big deal because only 27 tons is required for a 1000 MW reactor. That is not a lot. But there is still one massive elephant in the room, Chernobyl. So a well maintained reactor will never melt down, but if not properly maintained it can cause a massive disaster.

< This is the Chernobyl explosion.

This is a fully functional reactor. >

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