Thurston Middle School

Fifth Grade
Parent Night

March 14, 2017

Thurston’s Support Team

Megan Matthias, Social Studies

Sarah Schaeffer, English Language Arts

Jesse Rothman, Science

Maria Hoffman, Math

Marissa Hoffman, Community Liaison

Jennifer DeMark, Counselor A - K

Nance Morrissey, Counselor L - Z

Lisa Brackez, Assistant Principal

Jenny Salberg, Principal

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Note Taking Sheet

Question Submission Form

2017-2018 District Calendar

Bell Schedule

Catalina Science Camp Information

Club Brochure

Sample Elective Form--Grade 6

All Elective Options--Grades 6, 7, 8

What We Will Cover Tonight


Tools and Resources

Thurston SMART

Social/Emotional Development

Academics: Math

In 6th grade math, students interact with their peers in a collaborative classroom environment to not only understand crucial mathematical components such as ratios, integers and expressions but how these concepts apply to the world around them.

Students will be asked to explain their reasoning, justify their responses, provide multiple representations and model with mathematics.

Instruction and classroom enrichment activities are differentiated to meet the needs of all learners. Programs in place include challenge problems, alternative assessments, and homework assignments providing differing levels of rigor and challenge.

Enrichment: Math

Math Club

Coding Club

Lunchtime support

Academics: Social Studies

Sixth Grade: Ancient Civilizations

The Agricultural Revolution to the Fall of Rome

Seventh Grade: Medieval World History

Eighth Grade: U.S. History through the Civil War

Focus on: 4Cs and Common Core skills such as….

Content knowledge mastery Critical thinking

Reading comprehension Writing skills

Identifying patterns, cause and effect, and much more!

Enrichment: Social Studies

Geography Club (lunch)

Geography Bee in the spring

History Day (lunch/after school)

Students self-select a topic of interest, research, & create a product to demonstrate their knowledge

Finalists compete at the Orange County History Day competition in the spring

Model United Nations

(after school/weekends)

In conjunction with LBHS MUN

Student delegates mimic a UN conference

Students research, present arguments, and resolve real-world issues

Attend 3-4 conferences a year

Forensics Club

(lunch/after school)

Learn about the criminal justice system, forensics, and analysis of evidence

Product of their own choosing?

Academics: Language Arts

Extensive study of Common Core text types

Read to understand the author’s purpose

Analyze the author’s craft

Respond to text by making claims and citing evidence

Common Core Text Types

Narrative, Informational/Explanatory, Argument

Genre Studies (novels, stories, poetry,

real-world texts)

Digital Writer’s Workshop (Google Drive)

Multi-genre Oral History Project (Oral

Language Standards)

*2017-18 Luncheon:

March 26th, 27th and 28th

Font changes at LA slide

Enrichment: Language Arts

Book Club

Writing Contests

Academics: Science NGSS

6th Grade

  • Energy and Earth’s Systems, Earth and Human Activity, Organisms’ Systems and Cells, Reproduction and Genetics

7th Grade

  • Energy and Earth’s Systems, Chemical Reactions, Ecosystems, Human impact on Ecosystems

Academics: Science NGSS

8th Grade -

  • Application of Physics and Engineering, Understanding the Universe, Earth’s Impact on Evolution, Earth’s Impact on Organisms

Focus on: The application of the Scientific Method. Drawing conclusions based on real observational data to develop critical thinking is a practice followed throughout Thurston Science programs to best prepare for high school lab sciences.


October 3rd - October 6th, 2017

Enrichment: Science

Enrichment: Science

  • Destination Imagination (lunch/after school/weekends)
    • Student Teams compete in challenges to build teamwork, critical thinking skills, problem solving, and creativity
    • Categories: Technical, Engineering, Fine Arts, Service Learning, Improvisational, Scientific
    • More information at (state site)

Physical Education

Super Hikes to Alta Laguna

Climbing Wall


Sports (Basketball, Soccer, Volleyball, Badminton, etc.)

EPIC Challenge Fundraiser

Electives: Exploratory Wheel






Home Economics


Electives: Foreign Language & Cultural Wheels





Electives: 6th Grade Band

Electives: Strings

Elective Card: 6-Period Day

Schedule: 6-Period Day

Elective Card: 7-period day

Schedule: 7-period day

Tools and Resources

Tools and Resources

Weekly Wave TMS Talks

Club Brochure

ESP (Extra Support Period)

Weekly time for academic support, make-up tests, etc.

Lunchtime Math Support

Lunchtime Activities

Academic & Enrichment Clubs (Coding Club, French Club, etc.)

Game Room

Gym Play coordinated by Boys and Girls Club staff

Homework Club (Collaboratory - 3:05-4:00pm)

Late Buses Available

BYOD and earbuds

Social/Emotional Development

Shift in Friendships

Shift in Responsibilities

Shift in Communication

1 - Venting

2 - Asking for advice

3 - Connecting with school

Important Dates

Student Orientation and Tours

Wednesday, May 3rd at 9:15am

Open House

Thursday, May 25th 5:30-7:00pm

WaveRider / WEB Day

Monday, August 28th

Social Media





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