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tw: @jrgunderson

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I’m passionate about creating useful interfaces that delight – and supporting the underlying teams, business, and user goals.

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  • A brand or company that's willing to do interesting, purposeful things
  • A group of creative and talented people to respect & trust
  • Opportunity to contribute my design ability & process learnings



Build and grow teams to solve interesting problems

  • Collaborative design - lead, grow, & mentor product teams
  • Listen & hear the design challenge - synthesis into requirements
  • User and scenario-based interface design
  • Create and improve design processes & systems
  • Product strategy / business development support

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  • Leading UX efforts for one of our key customer partners
  • Promote growth of Design System & Interface workgroup
  • Create primary source of record for product artwork
  • Deep-dive discovery for complex workflows & scenarios
  • Promoting agile methods and R&D mindset
  • Direct collaboration with Product, BAs, Engineers & QA
  • Support continued growth of our distributed HX team

Sr UX Design Consultant

2020 - present

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Director of Research

2018 - 2020

  • Lead Design Studio projects & support our Labs
  • Manage design pipeline across all active clients
  • Drive product research efforts and user studies
  • Launched 5 products within our Innovation Labs
  • Released over 20 new projects & key investments
  • Growth from 7 to 14 designers
  • Across 2 offices - Seattle, WA and Bangalore, India

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Over 10+ year tenure:

  • 180+ projects across 100+ clients
  • Launched over 50+ apps
  • Grew from 0 to 2 offices + remote team
  • Grew from 4 to 23 team members
  • Grew from 1 to 7 designers
  • Average project engagement: 4 to 12 weeks

UX / Director Design

2007 - 2018

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Scan to Unlock - Partnerships with postal carriers allows for secured delivery at a lockbox for residential customers, by scanning the parcel barcode with a connected padlock.

Secured Package Delivery at Point of Acceptance

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“Peace of mind for home delivery”IoT padlock that fights porch pirates

+ Launched on Kickstarter (270% goal)

+ Presented at CES Jan 2018

+ Support for all major US postal carriers

+ Consumer & commercial options

+ Platform improvements underway


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Market Conditions

Market Research - Trends in market show continued growth in packages delivered and a large spike in stolen package searches (via Google Trends data)

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BoxLock Porch Access - Various secured porch delivery�boxes may be used. Variability allows for improved�security and personalization for each home.

BoxLock in Context

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Lock Mechanism Breadboard - Early hardware assemblies�Allowed the team to test prototypes before final BOM

Production parts were selected.

Testing code with prototype models

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BoxLock Unboxing - Each BoxLock comes with a weatherproof, smart padlock; charging cable; instructions and weather-resistant instructional hangtag.

BoxLock in Context

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Access Locks from Anywhere

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Unlock via App/Barcode - Users with whom you’ve shared your BoxLock access may open with a personalized barcode generated for them, via the app or message.

Package barcode access via these popular carriers

Unlock Access via Secure Barcodes

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Lock Overview

Navigation pattern for lock detail allows glanceable access to:

  • Status: Wi-Fi
  • Status: Battery
  • Status: Lock
  • Lock Settings

Additional navigation allows quick access to:

  • List of Packages / status
  • List of Users
  • List of Locks / status

Application Views

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Packages List

Delivery status given for each package.�

  • Delivered Today
  • Out for Delivery
  • In Transit
  • Information Received
  • Delivered

Need to add UI to Add Package manually, sort list.

Application Views

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Packages List - History

Delivery status given for each package.�

  • Delivered Today
  • Out for Delivery
  • In Transit
  • Information Received
  • Delivered

Need to add UI to Add Package manually, sort list.

Application Views

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Packages Detail

Delivery transit history for each package.�

  • Shipping label created
  • Origin scan
  • In transit
  • Transit exception
  • Arrival at sortation facility
  • Arrived at local post office
  • Out for delivery
  • Delivered in BoxLock
  • Delivered - outside box

Additional states are available from various delivery carriers.

Application Views

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Edit Package Detail

Update details for your package:�

  • Tracking number
  • Postal Carrier�(auto-applied from tracking #)
  • Item Description

Optional: Automated package tracking collection can be enabled for all package carriers.

Application Views

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Adjust User Access

Add or adjust access to others with whom you’ve shared BoxLock access:

  • Master account access
  • Administrator access
  • Guest user access
  • Inactive / archived user access

See activity history, or update access:

  • Access indefinitely
  • Access valid-until date
  • Access valid-until # of unlocks
  • Can moderate users
  • Can moderate locks, locations

Application Views

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Navigation Drawer

  • User Account / Profile
  • Lock Overview
  • List of Packages
  • List of Users
  • List of Locks
  • Settings
  • Support
  • Logout

Application Views

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Lock Status States - On the primary app screen lock status cards give lock status at a glance, indicating: Lock added, unlocked/locked state, wifi and battery statuses.

Product Styleguide

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Product Styleguide

Complete UI Styleguide - All app elements are collected in an app styleguide for ongoing product development: Colors, type, form elements, iconography, components, content cards, etc.

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Competitive and Comparative Research - Review of existing hardware solutions and processes for adjacent opportunities.

Locking Mailboxes

USPS approved drop mailboxes and locking porch boxes.

Smart Mailboxes

Sensors activate notifications when activity is detected.

Delivery Solutions

Integrations with the delivery channel allows secure access.

Competitive / Comparative Research

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Competitive and Comparative Research - Review of in-category apps and unrelated categories for UI precedents and useful workflows.


Custom geofences, times of recording, alerts, etc.


Smart lock & doorbell camera system Tell if door is open / closed, not just locked.


Clear door lock controls; Proximity lock & unlock. Wifi and Bluetooth adapter.


Check status of mail. Notifications & preview of incoming mail arriving soon.

Amazon Alexa

Seamless onboarding process for connecting to home Wi-Fi network.


Authorize your driver to leave packages at your home without signature.


Bluetooth lock with smart sensing, instantly unlocks on approach or with key fob.


Three modes of entry:�Proximity, via app, or via code entered on-device.


Whole home peace of mind. Smooth flow for onboarding, multiple device management.


One app to track all of your packages and shipments, across 50 delivery carriers.


Whole home wi-fi via mesh router. Seamless setup and automatic firmware updates.


Video doorbell with motion settings; multiple device support and activity log.

Competitive / Comparative Research

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App supported by +$8.5M in billboard value by LAMAR Outdoor Signage

LAMAR Billboard Rollout - RoadNinja was rated as one of the top travel apps in the iTunes App Store, helped in part by supporting campaign of over 1k+ print and 85m digital signage placements.

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“The ultimate road trip app”Over 1+ million downloads

on iOS and Android

Supported by static & digital displays

+84,588,486 spots

+1,089 locations

+143 US markets

~$8.5 million value

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“5 must-have apps that Apple should have made itself”

- TheNextWeb

App built natively for for iOS, Android, and responsive web

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Upcoming Locations, by Exit


Exit Detail


App built natively for for iOS, Android, and responsive web

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GM MyLink platform - planned rollout for Chevy and Cadillac vehicles.

Coordinating controls include center console panel, on-wheel toggles, center volume wheel.

In-car dashboard screens based on HMI spec from General Motors

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Adjust preferences, including favorite locations, gas type, location categories.

App Launch

Simple animation shows product branding and license detail for packaged services.

Upcoming (var1):

See what POI locations are upcoming along the interstate.

Upcoming (var2):

Larger icons used for improved legibility on the road.

Location Detail

POI details are shown, including promotions, reviews, ratings, gas prices, and more.

Gas Preference:

Example of nested navigation menu. Allow selection of single item, cancel (or apply).

Wireframes modeled after the app spec and navigational patterns

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Prototype screens - Built functional prototype to demonstrate hands-free, speaking controls to LAMAR, GM, and AT&T Drive Studio.

Visual design treatments applied to app prototype

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Data Visualization Platform

Build better visual stories�with real-time data and make better informed decisions.




Understand and interpret volumes of data in context

Craft data stories from a vast library of visualizations and flexible grids

Dynamic presentation layer that’s designed to impress

Data stories that drive decisions.

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Dashboard BuilderWidget library makes it easy to make show your data in a compelling way

Component Library

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Adaptive Grids and UI System

Tell the story behind your data – Expansive component library and adaptive grids enable your team to collect, understand, and present the underlying story to your team and leadership

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Established a prototyping approach�for voice ui within our design lab

+ Hosted workshops for ideas & requirements

+ Established stakeholders and use-cases

+ Identified latest prototyping tools

+ Built out interface workflows

+ Tested prototypes for clarity and continuity

Voice UI concepts - Various Clients

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Tools and Technologies

Investigated various technologies and approaches for�fast and flexible VUI prototype generation

Technologies are always changing - A number of these voice-specific technologies have pivoted or been co-opted into new systems.

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Use Case Definition

  • Enhance the user experience
  • Go beyond mere novelty – with a clearly defined purpose
  • Reduce need for screens & manual inputs
  • Better serve high-utility, narrow use-cases, without doing too much
  • Bring new levels of service to digital products
  • A more natural way to communicate

When voice is a good choice:

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Storyline Workflows

Construct narrative and UI workflows:

+ Identify use cases

+ Draft narrative flow

+ Connect

+ Consider unexpected� user responses

+ Add response blocks

+ Define endpoints

+ Coordinate data

Construct narrative workflows - Defined, built, and linked responses across the UI workflow, then tested narrative flows on-screen and with Alexa devices

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A Fortune 500 company needed to stay competitive with online giants like Amazon, and determined it must transition from solely a distributor / supplier to an integrated service provider capturing customer’s needs and identifying opportunities for growth.

Helped design and prototype a platform for personnel & asset manager for property managers.

  • Multi-context dashboard interface for maintenance activities & status
  • Predictive ordering approaches
  • Create and collect inventory data for existing property installations
  • Supporting voice UI appliance

Voice Application

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This Fortune 500 company partnered with our team to investigate ways to improve access to statement and bill content they deliver for their customers.�

A 150 year old titan of the printed document category: With our Design team, and over the course of 6 years, we collaborated to reconsider their document delivery solutions for the digital era.

Hosted workshops with a long-time client to prototype & test voice skills for customers that receive print and digital statements.�

Example, for the bank or gas utility customer:

  • “What is my statement balance?”
  • “Pay my bill.”
  • “Schedule my payment.”

Voice Application

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Over a 3 year engagement, we built, tested, and architected the ultimate road trip app, for finding points of interest at upcoming exits. This included web, iOS, Android apps – and a connected car interface built with AT&T Drive Studio in Atlanta.

Together with Lamar Outdoor Advertising,�we built a hands-free connected car interface�for wayfinding interstate exits.

  • “RoadNinja, where can we eat in the next�5 exits?”
  • “RoadNinja, I’m looking for coffee!”
  • “RoadNinja, how far is it to Starbucks?”

Voice Application

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“A smarter shopping platform”Workbench for shopping innovation

4 product arcs:

+ Social shopping tools

+ Comparison tools

+ Shopping browser

+ Contextual messaging / rewards

~$1+ million in internal investment


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Rately shopping browser

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Rately shopping browser

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Rately shopping browser

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Rately shopping browser

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Keep track of items and your favorite stores automatically

�App automatically keeps track of your shopping so that you don’t have to.��As you shop, Rately creates an up-to-date visual history of your viewed stores and products, including price, image, and descriptions, so that you can quickly go back to previous items and unique finds.

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Shop faster with a browser�that’s built for shopping

Move from store to store by tapping on retailer logos – making navigation faster and easier. No typing required.

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Tag items for people or projects

Organizing your shopping just got easier. Instead of having to open different tabs to create bookmarks for people, places, and projects, now you can quickly and easily tag items to make visual lists of products you like.

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Get ideas and inspiration�with related items

App automatically generates recommendations for you,�based on your tagged products and shopping history. You never know what you’ll find.

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Shop anonymously

For your eyes only: Your data is your data. We don’t share any information with anyone.

Only you can see your shopping.

Share on social media as you like, but some great finds need to stay a secret.

No login required.

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iBeacon-enabled merchant loyalty & incentive system

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Three Main Concepts at Work


Deliver a message based on the shopping context

(what, where, when, how)


Test and learn what messages work best


Deliver a message based on the buyer

(who, why)

Rately / Contextual Engine

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Person: Behavior, profile & purchase history

Behavior, profile & purchase history

Shopping behaviors

Bring together recently viewed items across channels (digital, mobile, in-store), as well as search activity, and shopping lists


All purchase history, including brands, locations, and product level details (price, color, size)

Segment and Individual traits

Consider any range of segment or individual information – gender, age, PRIZM, ZIP code – as a basis for messaging.

Rately / Contextual Engine

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Place: Location, Local Specifics and Time

Location, local specifics and time

GPS and Geo-Fencing

Accurate within 50 feet. Create GPS-based map bounds for a location – for use with various app triggers.

Retail Inventory / Pricing

Provide location-specific products, inventory, pricing, or availability


via bluetooth LE – enables location-based triggers for supported apps, including notifications & product information on demand.

Daypart or Day of the Week

Timed to coordinate with mealtimes, in-store events, opening/closing times, holidays

NFC / AR / Barcode / QR

Leverage scanning tools or NFC to geo-locate precisely, contingent on available signage

Rately / Contextual Engine

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Product: Targeted messages, ads & promotions

Hyper-targeted delivery

Deliver messages to one shopper or all shoppers – based on specific behaviors.

Optimize notifications over time

Develop multiple ads to attach to a specific rule to learn which execution drives results

Product / Brand messaging

Deliver notifications to advertise or promote based on specific shopper behavior

Targeted messages, ads & promotions

Rately / Contextual Engine

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Extending the visual interface language at Electrolux

Appliance Interface Suite - At Electrolux, I helped design, a line of touch-sensitive appliance controls, with engineering specifications in mind.

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WaveTouch activation flow for refrigerator Options

Water Pocket Controls - As part of a larger interface schema for hot food prep and refrigeration appliances, we interfaced with engineering and product teams on a new line of touch-sensitive controls.

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Visual Interface - Options menu, as observed by user

Lighted Display - Options menu selected:�All control options available.

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Interface layered with PCB and bezel footprint

Layered Artwork - Display control diagram, shows distance between lighted keys and indicators, bezel onsert, and key placement

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Interface application for Baseline B implementation

Baseline B - Additionally, a simplified, more affordable version of the fully-lighted control panel�was built to fill industry-standard price points. Differentiated by statically lighted interface elements.

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Additional Design Constraints:

  • Screened display tolerance [max/min]
  • Icon edge to key switch edge
  • Distance to adjacent key switch
  • Max allowable switch size
  • LED spacing to reduce ‘halo’ effect
  • LED costing by color, size, lifespan, & quality bin
  • Software controlled, cycle-time “ramp” in display brightness
  • PC Board allows maximum 128 independently operated LEDs
  • Physical constraint of PC board dimension and bezel onsert

Visual design treatments applied to app prototype

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A suite of digital tools for improving�the educational environment – built in partnership with the world’s largest school accrediting agency

+ Survey tools & processes for stakeholders

+ Accreditation docs & evidence collection

+ Reporting of accreditation completion


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Platform and Application Hierarchy

Cognia is a global network of enthusiastic educators, and accreditation agency, dedicated to helping strengthen our schools, so that every student can access all the opportunities that knowledge brings.

Accreditation�& Certification

School Assessment

Professional Learning

Improvement Services

Proven approaches to educational excellence - Together with the Cognia team, we embedded into the product suite the rigorous processes that create vibrant educational environments.

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Platform and Application Hierarchy

eProve – a state-of-the-art productivity platform

for continuous improvement







Product Suite - Design, pilot, and launch of 3 new products in the platform suite, over the course of 18 months with the newly-forged product team.

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Product landing pages within the platform

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Dashboard - Recent Observations shown

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Main navigation - drawer open, logged user

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Dashboard - user offline, some items not yet synced

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Search observations - Additional options

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Create new classroom observation

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Observation - navigation drawer open on tablet

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Observation - Add rating to observation criterion

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Observation complete - review and submit

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Digital catalog for architects & designers

Product Portfolio - Created a new way for customers, commercial designers, and architects to review, save and buy products.

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Desktop app�For local use or use in retail showrooms.

Built to reduce overall reliance on physical sample books.

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CollectionsModular carpet tile is showcased in collections, with high-quality, contextual photos.

Collections are organized based on style and context of use – for commercial, healthcare, and education.

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Sample GalleryEach pattern comes in a variety of colors.

Complete details are listed for each, along with the ability to save the collection or share a sample with your clients.

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Detail PreviewHigh resolution detailed photos show the intricate detail of each pattern, color, and tufting.

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“Digital ticketing for K-12 schools”A complete ticketing solution for schools.�Platform connects schools, fans, and brands.

Secured $15M in funding in 2017

  • Available via iOS, Android and web
  • Supports a variety of options for ticket type, and pricing configurations.
  • Average sales of 12k tickets per week
  • 1k schools in-network, plans to double in next year

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Launched initial MVP app quickly through rapid prototypes and ready-made mobile frameworks.

After a successful consumer market test, the business model was proven – To support ongoing user growth, new feature epics were added to the roadmap, and released seasonally.

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Continued product development and innovation,�season-over-season:

  • 2015 Jun Application Strategy, Design Blueprint
  • 2015 Oct Application MVP - Alpha
  • 2015 Dec Radius Reporting
  • 2016 Jan Ticketing Admin Panel
  • 2016 Jun Season Tickets
  • 2016 Aug Payment Platform
  • 2016 Dec Reserved Seating
  • 2017 Mar Platform Funded! 🎉
  • 2017 May App Styleguide Refactor
  • 2017 Sep Ticket validator UI / Fanbase ideation
  • 2018 Feb Admin 2.0 Design Blueprint
  • 2018 May Financial Reporting (upcoming)

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Digital ticketing platform for schools across the US:�The complete digital & print ticketing solution for K-12

Launched as an MVP in late 2015, successfully funded in 2017:�Customer-requested features and a series of acquisitions has made GoFan a market leader in the K-12 digital ticket space.


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Supported platforms include mobile-web, iOS, and Android

Available now in the iTunes�& Google Play app stores

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View and purchase tickets for a wide range of school events.

Be notified about upcoming games, and promotions.

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Digital tickets can be redeemed:

  • Within the app
  • Scanned at the gate
  • Printed or emailed

Separate mobile scanner app + hardware solution supports ticket validation

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Printed digital tickets are also supported

QR barcodes improve low-light legibility and lend extra data capacity.

Support for existing ad placements was retained in the print layout.

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Reserved Seats Flow - Mobile

Select an Event

Select an event from the School page to view event details

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Reserved Seats Flow - Mobile

Select Seats

From the event detail, the fan will be directed to choose their seats

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Reserved Seats Flow - Mobile

Select Seats

From the event detail, the fan will be directed to choose their seats

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Reserved Seats Flow - Mobile

Select a section to begin

Venue / game details shown at top of layout for context

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Reserved Seats Flow - Mobile

Section seating shown

Pinch-zoom seatplan for a closer view.

Available seats shown in blue.

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Reserved Seats Flow - Mobile

Section seating shown

Pinch-zoom seatplan for a closer view.

Available seats shown in blue.

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Reserved Seats Flow - Mobile

Selected seat details: Tooltip

Choose seat type, and add to cart

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Reserved Seats Flow - Mobile

Seat added to cart

Add additional seats, or view seats in cart

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Reserved Seats Flow - Mobile


Blocking matches the ticket selection lockup on the current event detail view

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Process & Artifacts

Idea to Delivery

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Stakeholder Assessment / Mapping

Example: GoFan Ticket Purchase Flow

Stakeholder Mapping

List your product stakeholders�

Core, primary users

  • Interact directly with your product
    • Role
    • Needs
    • Pain points

�Direct Connection

  • Influence the workflow, steward the experience

�Indirect Connection to primary users

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What other businesses exist in your space?�


  • Direct & indirect competitors
  • Others integrated to the consumer journey

Out of category UI precedents:

  • Features or interactions that are useful

Comparative Research

Example: GoFan Ticket Purchase Flow

Competitive / Comparative Frame

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Create a hierarchy of features:�

Top level:

  • Feature themes and groups
  • Navigable UI spaces


  • Features and specific views


  • Micro-interactions and UI states
  • Imperative UI elements (if any)

Feature Mapping Larger Efforts

Card Sorting Exercises

Background: Process

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Wireframe Variations

  • Test features against your brief:
    • For which user / persona?
    • What is the context of use?
    • What are they trying to do?�
  • It likely won’t be right the first try:
    • Keep iterating on the layout
    • Use the styleguide components
    • Relate to existing product patterns
    • Put wires into a prototype, and�test in context

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Visual Variations

  • Test features against your brief:
    • For which user / persona?
    • What is the context of use?
    • What are they trying to do?�
  • It likely won’t be right the first try:
    • Keep iterating on the layout
    • Use the styleguide components
    • Relate to existing product patterns
    • Put wires into a prototype, and�test in context

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Markup, Iteration & Documentation

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Markup, Iteration & Documentation

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Visual treatments customized by school

School Customization of Visual Styles

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Reserved seating workflow - Fan Interface

Reserved Seating - Seat Selection

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Admin 2.0 Prototype

Admin 2.0 Interface

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Where does the product live?

  • On your phone of our fans
  • In the web browser at GoFan schools
  • In the App Stores
  • In the product codebase
  • In the visual styleguide
  • In the accounting records
  • In the product documentation
  • In GoFan and Huddle brand guidelines
  • In the marketing, social, and word of mouth
  • In the stands, auditoriums and games
  • In the mind of the customer
  • In the GoFan team

Product Inventory

Product Inventory

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Product Inventory

Access to:

  • Search and view schools
  • View and filter upcoming events
  • Buy tickets
  • View my tickets
  • Follow schools

GoFan Website

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Product Inventory

Available for:

  • Apple iOS devices
  • Android devices

App Store

App Stores: iTunes / Google Play

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Product Inventory

Sketch Art

Layered artwork for:

  • Fan application layouts
    • Mobile app
    • Desktop interface
  • Validator app
  • Admin app
  • Styleguide elements

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Product Inventory

Subversioned artwork:

  • GoFan Fan app repository
  • GoFan Admin app repository
    • Branched versions�of artwork in-progress
    • Supports the collaboration�of multiple concurrent designers
    • Conflicts resolved on merge, �like Github
  • Transparency & daily commits are key
    • Likely, you will not be the only designer on your feature for long


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Product Inventory


Clickable workflows:

  • Marvel and InVision:�Linkified prototypes allow you to test features and workflows quickly, before building the product.
  • Test early and often:�A clickable wireframe is usually better than a well-polished flow.

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Product Inventory

Style Guide

Inventory of:

  • Color
  • Type Definitions
  • UI elements:
    • Buttons
    • Input fields, dropdowns
    • Checkboxes, radios
  • UI components
    • Navigation
    • Header / Footer
    • Content cards
    • Lists
    • Custom components

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Product Inventory

Product Log

Inventory of:

  • Upcoming features
  • Backlog of features
  • Completed features

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Other interesting projects

Various contexts

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+ Supported event materials & messaging

+ Assisted with narrative-shaping for event

+ Collection of product content

Company-wide product launch event

First-annual launch event - 5 new product concepts

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First-annual company-wide product launch event

Bringing our team together to share the product-launch mindset

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Stop porch pirates and say goodbye to package theft:�App interfaces and R+D for a new type of IoT lock that works with leading US delivery providers. As seen on Shark Tank.

Connected car concept in partnership with Lamar Outdoor Advertising and AT&T Drive studio. Mobile app has over 1M downloads, supported by a $8.5m advertising campaign.

Development of a new ‘flanker-brand’ concept to allow this leading office goods brand to gain market share and test new concepts in ecommerce.


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Market research, design concepts, and proof-of-concepting for the next gen of Mailchimp features for small business:�Pop-up shops, landing pages, direct-mail postcards.

Collaborative design and development of digital platforms & tools to support infra teams across the company – including Developer CI/CD, Cloud services, APIs and Digital Commerce.

Strategic workshop with to facilitate idea generation. Includes idea compilation, synthesis, and visual diagramming presented to leadership team.


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Touch-screen controls for a range of home appliances, for refrigeration, washing, and cooking. Final products shown at major appliance retailers, like Lowes and Home Depot.


Market landscape, product reqs & shaping, design support for various concepts within the Labs – like data visualization platforms, new tools for retail commerce, and HR systems.

Mobile app interface for a portable, secure pill delivery device to promote medication adherence: Right dose, right person, right time.

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Build and grow teams that solve interesting problems�& create digital solutions that make a difference

  • Business-integrated outcomesCraft solutions that address strategic business needs.�We contribute to the bottom-line of the business.
  • A toothy technological challengeImprove the information systems for applications we build – extend the digital reach, connect datasets, measure new data.
  • Design purpose and user-focused intentCreate great experiences and context-optimized interactions for user-stakeholders. Build systems that people like to use.


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  • Products that make people's lives easier
  • Product design consulting
  • Product r&d lab
  • Product design research
  • Product from launch to funding


  • Head of UX / product design
  • Director or product design manager
  • Design lead / senior product designer


Crafting digital solutions to make a difference

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Thank You

Questions, or interesting problems?

Just reach out