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Where Have You Been All
My Life?

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Ryan O’Donnell

Where are you on the "tin foil hat" spectrum?

How concerned are you that Google organizes and analyzes all your photos ?

Quiz Question:

What is the best camera out there?

Shooting Better Pictures

Android Apple

Doesn’t matter the camera, techniques stay the same

you can do the Rule of Thirds even AFTER you’ve taken your photos

In front

From Behind

sitting on the floor at the net

Should I start using Google Photos?

10 Reasons to Use Google Photos

  • Storage (all in one place)
  • Auto-Upload (never lose a photo again)
  • Sharing (never think, “is this too big to send”)
  • Anytime, Anywhere, Any Device
  • Backup all your old photos (here comes the 1970’s)
  • Search (change how to find your photos)
  • Albums
  • Editing (learn a few tips to help make those images better)
  • Slideshows, Movies & Books
  • Assistant
  • BONUS: Learn to shoot more so that the future YOU can have your OWN photos to use

#1 Storage

Unlimited(ish) storage

Notice… large images like this will be resized

#2 Auto-Upload

Never plug your phone into your computer again.

Every time you’re on WiFi you photos get uploaded

Remember this?

#3 Sharing

Finally!!! An easy way to share multiple photos

#4 Anytime, Anywhere, Any Device

#5 Back up old photos

Where are all those pics from your past cell phones?

Did I Mention DRAG & DROP?

How old can you go?

Check out this incredible photo of my grandparents at the beach. Scanned from a Slide and uploaded to Google Photos.

Click “I” to change the date of your photos

Costs $200.

#6 Search

  • Duh! That's what Google DOES!
  • Google Photos relies more heavily on search than a traditional folder system to organize photos, and there are a number of useful operators that can help you sift through your pictures in seconds. You can identify images based on location, subject, people, and even by camera type.

#6 Search: People

Name those faces!

Kristina birthday

Remember the ease of Sharing?

“Hey Ryan, my wife is having a 40th birthday, can you send any pictures you have of her?”

#6 Search: Places

  • Makes sense...
  • Your phone knows where you are so your photos have that info in the metadata (wait… what’s metadata?)

#6 Search:

Now, this is getting kind of creepy (but also cool & useful!)

Others to try




theater, boats, dogs, beer

On your PC, tablet and on your phone

#7 Albums

This is where ALL of those Albums, Shared Albums & Movies

#8 Editing

Just the basics, but its getting better all the time

#9 Slideshows, Movies & Books

#10 Assistant


Just wait… this Genie will make stuff for you.

But, YOU have to take more photos

That’s the program!

Now let’s DO SOMETHING with Photos

Your Task Create A Collage of...

5 people

4 devices

3 badges

2 stickers

1 Hashtag - #gpsummit


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