Building the Constitution through Compromise

Chapter 3.2

HFCE Day 14

“A compromise is the art of dividing a cake in such a way that everyone believes he has the biggest piece.”

-Ludwig Erhard

FP.CG.1: Analyze the foundations and development of American government in terms of principles and values. (Overview of all objectives 1-5)

Shays’ Rebellion, p. 21
Review answers:

  • What was the root cause of Shays’ Rebellion?
  • What was Shays’ Rebellion?
  • Why did this event cause states to want to change the AOC?
  • What were the delegates sent to Philadelphia to do? Why was this not possible?

Review Quiz (3.1)

Go to Google Classroom and join the 3.1 Quizizz game.

You may use pp. 20-21 in your notebook on the quiz.

Put your chromebook away and grab your textbook or one from the shelves if you forgot yours.

The Constitutional Convention

Constitutional Convention Intro., p. 22

  • Review scavenger hunt. Award Prizes!
  • Why did people say the delegates were acting in an extralegal way?
  • What does it mean to compromise?
  • How do you compromise?
  • What happens if you refuse to compromise?


See Google Classroom!

Complete the compromises sheet for p. 23 using pp. 80-83 in textbook.

How should representation to Congress be organized?

    • Large states:
    • Small states:
    • Compromise:

Should slaves be counted as part of a state’s population?

    • Northern states:
    • Southern states:
    • Compromise:

Should the federal government control all trade by states?

    • Northern states:
    • Southern states:
    • Compromise:

How should the president be elected?

    • Large states:
    • Small states:
    • Compromise:

Read pp. 80-83, Page 23.

Federalists and AntiFederalists, p. 24
Use pp. 83-85 and Lessons 16-17


  • Name 3 Federalists.
  • Explain 3 views Federalists used to convinced delegates to increase power and to ratify the Constitution?
  • Explain the propaganda the Federalists used to persuade the states to ratify the Constitution.
  • What method did the Federalists use to ratify the Constitution? Why?


  • Name 3 Anti-Federalists.
  • Explain 3 objections of the Anti-Federalists held against the Constitution and the power it gave to the national government?
  • Explain how Anti-Federalists achieved their goal of adding a BOR to the Constitution?
  • What lasting impact did the Anti-federalists and their demands had on our country.
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