Firefox Growth Team


Modest signs of progress

Internal and external indicators encouraging:

  • A market share bump.
  • Downloads gently up.
  • Usage over 1B weekly.
  • ADI’s are going back up
  • Download from Chrome up
  • Account creation rate up.

Market Share

Active Hours

What we’ve done

67 tests in backlog, 6 done.

Generated 250K measurable new downloads per month so far.

Surfacing, elevating opportunities, issues

Refining growth theories and levers

Growth Theories

Fixing product breaks

Surfacing customization

Enabling referral

Simplifying repair

Improving feature education

Removing steps to conversion

Anticipating user intent

Reversing attrition behavior

Speeding things up

Addressing geo weaknesses

Live Projects

Live Projects

Project Reset from Web

Project Non-Fox

Project Add-On Snippet

Project Download Rescue

Project SEM/SEO

Project Simple Sync SignUp

Project Android SMS

Project Insta-Download

Project Distro Fox

Project Stub Refresh

Project Don’t Go

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