Uxbridge High School

Class of 2022 Student and Parent Introduction & Course Selection Overview

February 2018

Welcome Class of 2022!

  • Tonight’s Program
    • Purpose:
      • To prepare students for the transition to UHS and decrease stress over this transition process
      • To show the wonderful learning opportunities that are offered by UHS

Welcome Class of 2022!

  • Introduction
  • You will be divided into 5 groups
  • Each group will be escorted through the building by students
  • At 5 different locations you will hear from school educators about our programs and have a chance to ask questions

Welcome Class of 2022!

  • Please ask lots of questions of administration, faculty, and students!

Tonight’s Presenters:

  • Mr. Rubin
    • Principal
  • Mr. DiMeglio
    • Assistant Principal
  • Mr. Calarese
    • Athletic Director
  • Ms. Prior
    • C&I Leader in Math
  • Mr. Bennett
    • C&I Leader in English
  • Ms. Larkin
    • C&I Leader in Science

Counseling Staff:

Ms. Hampton

Mr. Barry


Our School

  • Currently there are about 480 students

  • Class of 2017:
      • 92% went on to higher learning
      • 79% enrolled in 4 year colleges
      • 99% graduated

Looking Beyond HS:

Implementation of full guidance curriculum

Partnership with QCC to allow students opportunity to earn college credit while at UHS

Partnerships with BVCC and DESE to support work experiences

Changes in past 2 years

Integration of Google classroom

Revision of courses supporting full year academics

Addition of more student activities

Revision of schoolwide learning expectations

Looking ahead:

Our reaccreditation visit will take place in December 2018

Student Perspective

What suggestions do the students have?

What would they do the same or differently?

Course Selection

All students in grade 9 are required to take:

  • English 2 credits
  • Math 2 credits
  • Foreign Language 2 credits
  • Science 2 credits
  • Social Studies 2 credits
  • PE 1 credit
  • Electives 3 credits
    • Total: 14 Credits

Course Selection

Maximum allowable credits: 14

Students should select 3 credits of electives:

three 1-credit courses or one 2-credit course AND one 1-credit course

Academic Levels

CP - Level 2
College Prep


Advanced Placement

Six periods per day- seven day cycle

What Determines an Appropriate

Level of Study?

  • Past Achievement
  • Current Grades
  • Teacher Recommendation
  • Time Spent on Studying
  • Academic Development
  • Motivation/Aspirations
  • Post-Secondary Plans
  • Extra-Curricular and Outside Activities

Learning progression is not linear

College Prep

For the student who:

    • Actively engages in and takes responsibility for his/her own learning; is organized, prepared, and willing to ask for help.
    • Seeks assistance outside the classroom and asks questions to acquire understanding,
    • Thoroughly completes all homework and other class assignments on time
    • Actively and voluntarily participates in daily classroom activities, remaining focused on the learning objectives,
    • Pursues opportunities for revision, when available.

Honors & AP Level Courses

For students who:

    • Take a leadership role for assigned collaborative projects, and works independently and enthusiastically on individual projects,
    • Organize and synthesize large amounts of material
    • Possess strong independent reading skills
    • Possess ability to write an organized, sophisticated essay
    • Apply knowledge and make connections to new situations
    • Have confidence in applying concepts.

^Standard Level Only

*Offers Standard or Accelerated Level Only

**Offers Standard, Accelerated, or Honors Level

MHS Curriculum Flow

* Offers Standard or Accelerated Levels

** Offers Standard, Accelerated, or Honors Levels

Grade 9 Schedule Example (for days 1-3)

Day 1 Day 2 Day 3

Period 1 Intro Tech Chorus Spanish I

Period 2 Wrld His Hon Intro Tech Intro Engineering

Period 3 PE World History Hon. Intro Tech

Period 4 Algebra I PE World History Hon.

Period 5 English 9 Hon. Algebra I PE

Period 6 Spanish I English 9 Honors Algebra I

A quick reminder from our nurse

A physical examination of the school child is the combined responsibility of the school and family. Under M.G.L. c. 71, s. 57 and related amendments and regulations (105 CMR 200.000-200.920), a physical examination is required upon entering grade 9 of your child's education.

Giving consideration to health insurance regulations, physical exams from August 2016 through September of 2017 will be accepted.


Regarding specific course recommendations: contact your teacher

Regarding the specifics of certain electives: Refer to the Program of Studies for a description, contact the C&I Leaders or Administration with any questions.

UHS C&I Leaders: UHS Counselors:

Mrs. Prior: Mathematics Ms. Hampton

Mr. Bennett: English Mr. Barry

Ms. Larkin: Science

UHS Administration: MMS Counselor:

Mr. Rubin: Principal Mr. Flanagan

Mr. DiMeglio; Assistant Principal

More information

Go to our website

and click the link for “Scheduling” on the right


Last Name Group Location

A-C 1 Ms. Larkin’s Room

D-H 2 Ms. Hendrickx’s Room

J-Mc 3 Engineering

Mo-R 4 Culinary Classroom

S-Z 5 Cafeteria/Commons

UHS Parent-Student Intro Class of 2022 - Google Slides