Warm Up: September 14, 2017

  • Collect the handout at the entrance.
    • Read the “Unit Overview” handout.

  • Discuss the following with your group members:
    • What makes you come alive? What brings you joy? Explain.

Welcome back!

Daily Objectives & Homework

  • Objectives:
    • Identify and apply the characteristics of Romanticism
    • Explain the significance of Romanticism as a literary and intellectual movement

  • Homework:
    • None!


  • Warm Up & Prayer
  • Objectives/Homework
  • Unit Overview
  • Perspective on Passion
    • Pre-Reading Journal
    • TED Talk and Article
    • Post-Reading Journal & Discussion

Perspective on Passion

  • Pre-Reading Journal:
    • Define “passion” in your own words.
    • What is your passion? How did you discover it? Do you plan on pursuing your passion as a career or as a hobby? Explain.

  • Texts Regarding the Pursuit of Passion:

Perspective on Passion

  • Post-Reading Journal (and Discussion):
    • Respond to the two different texts. Which do you agree more with and why?
    • Is “follow your passion” good advice? Explain.
    • Is following one’s passion a privilege? Explain.
    • Do we have more of an obligation to one’s self or the community? Explain.
    • How should we balance the self/individual and others, like family and society? Can our passion serve others? Explain.

Romanticism Honors ELA - Day 1 Slides - Google Slides