No On Prop 16!

How Can You Help?

  • From the Perspective of a Volunteer

September 2020

What is

  • Previously known as
    • Organized phone calls towards the legislators (Assembly and Senate)
      • 40k+ people called 800k times via our website
    • Organized emailing the legislators (Assembly and Senate)
      • 70k+ people sent out around 1m emails via our website tools
  • Now
    • 13 Car Rallies Protesting Prop 16, more in planning all over CA
      • Each rally generates donation to CFER in tens of thousands $.
      • Each rally generates news coverage that brings up awareness
      • Each rally engages more individuals and organizations
    • Supports CFER with key volunteer staffers
    • Tries to engage as many as active volunteers

The Very 1st Car Rally @ Cupertino

Core Team of 7:

Tina, Selena, Ava, Emily, Tony, Liang, Echo


  • ~200 cars
  • ~ 600 participants
  • Keynote speakers:
    • Ward Connerly, Ritesh Tandon, Liang Fang Chao, Sudha Kasamsetty, Muni Madhdhipatla, Carlos Rafael Cruz
  • Great media coverage (Chinese & English)

7/3 Cupertino Car Rally Video (2 min)

Next Car Rally: Milpitas 9/19!

How Can I Help?

  • Donate - Money Talks
  • Learn and Influence - Arm Yourself First
  • Share - Information War
  • Involve in Local Politics - Do things that Matter
  • Yard Signs - We need more captains
  • Flyers - Campaign Everyday
  • Posters at Business - Outreach to Everyone
  • Car Rallies - Bring up awareness and more

How Can I Help - Money Talks

  • Donation to
    • The CFER Official Site
    • The ONLY site we the grassroots group endorsed

How Can I Help - Learn and Influence

  • Learn about Prop 16 and Influence
    • Arm yourself up with data and knowledge:
      • Your kids’ view of the world: School Teachers Or YOU?
        • If you know less than your kids on social issues, you are of no help here.
    • Talk and Influence your circle
      • Family (i.e. Bill Analysis for AB-392 Peace Officers)
      • FB/Wechat circles
      • Neighbors in the streets or from

How Can I Help - Info War

  • Share our messages in social media

Tweet one flyer a day:

How Can I Help - Get Involved in Politics

What happens when representatives are not representing the people any more?

(46 seconds)

MIchael Goldman and Joshua Grossman

How Can I Help - Do Things that Matter

Talk to local candidates, help them if they are against Prop 16!

Talk to local officials or council meetings / school board meetings, let them know that you are not OK with Prop 16!

MIchael Goldman and Joshua Grossman

How Can I Help - Be a Captain!

#NoProp16 Yard Sign Arriving Soon!

Sign up for a FREE Yard Sign, and you can be a captain for your area too!

We already have 200 captains all over CA.

And we need more!

Free yard signs are not free! Prof. Gail Heriot made special donation for the signs! And we need to deploy them to the right places!

How Can I Help - Flyers


Print out flyers downloadable from:

And distribute them at supermarkets, parking lots, farmers markets, etc.

How Can I Help - Posters at Businesses

Reach to stores, supermarkets, etc. to put a poster there!

And join our Grassroots City Alliance!

How Can I Help - Car Rallies

How to explain No on Prop 16 in 20 Seconds when you are at red light:

Prop 16 allows government to grant preferential treatments based on race in college admissions, public employment and contracting. It restores racial discrimination, please vote NO on prop 16!

Join the next Car Rallies

    • Participate in your car
    • Participate online (
    • Speaker (And your youth too!)
    • Volunteering
    • Or lead the next Car Rally at your City!
    • The car rally posters can serve as mobile yard signs too!

How Can I Help - Other Work Needed

  • Website SEO Experts
  • Website Editors
  • Media Outreach Specialists
  • Social Media Advocates
  • Organization Outreach Leaders
  • Local Events Organizers

We can also have some Fun!



The Best Time is NOW

Do Not Wait,

Just Do It!

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