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  • Katie Collier, she/her. Penn, Fossil Free Penn & Fossil Free Future,
  • Caleb Chen, he/him, Penn, Fossil Free Penn & Fossil Free Future,
  • Dhruv Tatke, he/him, UMich, Climate Action Movement,
  • Nic Koski, they/he, Towson University, Fossil Free TU,
  • Ari Bortman, he/him, UPenn, Fossil Free Penn and Fossil Free Future,
  • Shriya Patel, she/her, Loyola Chicago, Student Environmental Alliance,
  • Melody Wu, she/her, Drexel University, Fossil Free Drexel & Fossil Free Future,
  • Amy Goldfischer, she/her, UPenn, Fossil Free Penn,
  • Elly Ren, she/her, Johns Hopkins, Refuel Our Future,
  • Dillon Day he/him, University of Kentucky, Divest UK,
  • Jessie Kinsley, she/her, Brandeis University, Brandeis Climate Justice,
  • Juliette Leader, she/her, Georgetown University, GU Fossil Free,
  • Connie Lu, Dartmouth
  • Rachel Wagner, Tufts
  • Jamie Chan, Yale
  • Kyle Rosenthal, BC
  • Stacey Hogge
  • Eleanor Hall, U Chicago

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Start screen share


  • [5 min] Settle in, Logistics, Agenda
  • [20 min] National Divestment Day
  • [30 min] Q&A and open discussion
  • [5 min] Next Steps & Close

Who is…


Katie explains and gives background

Fossil Free Future

  • UPenn, Drexel, DivestEd, and your campus!

    • Show unity & strength of movement
    • Coordinate national actions
    • Get national press attention

explains and gives background

Who is…


Gracie explains and gives background






Ari speaks.

  • February 13th, 2020

  • Coordinated actions united by a central message
    • Show our numbers, show our strength
    • Media attention = pressure

  • Focus group of various stakeholders to establish messaging and mission

National Divestment Day Pitch Notes

  • Show unity and strength in the movement
  • 50 plus campaigns
  • individual campaigns feel like its easy for administrators to ignore campaigns on their own
  • want to get national media attention
  • divestment isnt as straightforward as recycling or other environmental action
  • broaden scope of the movement by working together
  • each campaign is on a different wave length and at different points
  • FFF and Divest Ed is here to support all of your campaigns
  • each action will be different, but same collective narrative
    • art installation
    • rallies
    • banner drops
    • all sorts of other ideas !

Assign someone to take notes

Open Q&A

End screen share

Open Q&A - Notes

  • How will we properly communicate that this is a national movement?
    • Thought out communications strategy created by fellowship and other folks
    • Cohesive graphics, colors, messaging
    • Social media critical mass
  • Plan to center this around specific demands?
    • Discuss more in focus groups
  • Divestment campaigns in the Global Nonviolent Action Database are at
  • Should we all pick the same action? How do we decide what tactics we use?
  • Big ten schools may be interested?
  • Regional connections are strong and want to expand
    • Like harvard heat week
  • Concern: will my school care about what other schools are doing?
    • National attention can be very powerful PR/reputation is very important to universities
    • This will raise national awareness about divestment so that people begin to care and push universities to divest when otherwise they wouldn’t even know about the issue
    • Institutions are worried about how they appear to potential customers -- aka students and donors
  • February 14th action will be accessible for all campaigns even if they aren’t very developed, low barrier to entry
  • “Structure test” but this National Divestment Day of Action has to well done, seen, and organized
  • Need to discuss narrative strategy-- moral v economic arguments, etc.
  • Think about partnerships on national or individual campaign level
    • Sunrise, XR, prison divest, etc.

Assign someone to take notes

Next Steps

  • Sign up your campus to participate for February 13th
  • Keep an eye out for an Application to get involved with Focus Group and National Planning! We will email you soon.
    • Share Focus Group application with student leaders you know who represent frontline communities or who are working in other social justice spaces.
  • If anyone is really interested in getting involved with national coordination, put your email in the chat and we’ll make sure to follow up with you individually.
  • Report back to your campaign and start thinking about national escalation to contribute moving forward
  • Spread the word about National Divestment Day

Closing put in chat: what is something you’ll do this week for the national day of action? (if time)

Thank you!

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