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I'm a Creative Lead at Google, recovering agency Creative Director, �and former child. Previously I was at Facebook. Both R/GA and Anomaly ↗ during their frequent Agency of the Year plaudit periods. �And Digital Agency of the Decade Dare. Talk about humble! �Also Saatchi & Saatchi, the only agency my Dad's heard of. I like creating stuff that stays with people longer than a brief interruption and lives beyond a few weeks in a media plan. I have never spoken in the third person and I won’t start now. One time, the Internet gave me over £43,000 to build a statue to the first cat in space. And two of my coding projects have been internationally recognised as weird.

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Selected projects

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Google Arts & Culture — Pyramids of Meroë

Sudan is home to more pyramids than anywhere else in the world. But few people know Sudan even has pyramids at all. Now you can uncover the unique pyramids of Meroë through an immersive 3D site, AR, and Street View.

🏆 – 1x FWA, 2x Awwwards, 3x Lovies, 3x Dubai Lynx, 1x Webbys, 1x One Show

Watch the film My directorial debut ✨😎🎬✨

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Google Pixel 7 — Pixel Lovers

When the global Pixel Lovers campaign came to town, I lent a hand to the ECDs �Kevin Butler and Steve Vranakis to ensure these unscripted spots would be relatable to a UK audience. Like the universal need to erase bags of chips from your photos.

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Google.org — Impact Challenge on Climate

The Google.org Impact Challenge on Climate commits €10M to fund bold initiatives that aim to use technology to accelerate Europe’s progress toward a greener, more resilient future. We told the grantees’ stories in a new podcast called Planet Progress.

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Brief self indulgent note on the above project

I wrote this line to promote the podcast, which was judged to be too naff by all involved. I still liked it, so I designed it up, and entered it into The Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2022. Where it was selected to be included by Sir Grayson Perry . So shows what they know.

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Google — D&AD Shift with Google

D&AD Shift with Google is a free night school, for self-made creatives without a university degree. I serve as Google’s mentor to the London intake, ECD on paid briefs we run with grads worldwide, and helped scale the school to Hamburg & Berlin.

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These 100% UGC films celebrate the way Facebook Groups adapted, endured and carried on together in the midst of lockdown anxieties. Later in lockdown, we shared how multiple Groups were still thriving.

Facebook — Celebrating Life Inside

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Inspired the Home Training Facebook Group, we made an AR push-up contest, which you play by placing your phone on the floor.

Try the AR filter

The formats we created for the UK were expanded to Brazil with Denis Kakazu, Renata El Dib, and local agency Mutato.

Facebook — Still Going Strong

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This was an AR filter we made for the 1.3 billion people of India that can't always physically come together during Holi.

Facebook — Happy Holi

↗ Also a surprise for those that posted about it.

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AR versions of the mask maker's crafts were virtually tried on by over 2 million people. Sharing this filter also shared a link to the film.

Try the AR filter

... the world opens up to you. (The line is much shorter in Hindi.) These films, made by Dentsu Webchutney and overseen by Andy Amadeo, star traditional craftspeople that found new livelihoods through Facebook during lockdown.

Facebook — When you open up to the world...

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A content series encouraging folks to support local businesses after lockdown, through inspiration for holidays on home soil (or home sand).

Facebook — Staycation For The Nation

↗ Our campaign GIF became the 16th most popular sticker on Stories, which is pretty bonkers given how many GIFs people use.

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A series of informative interviews, sharing perspectives of people with less representation. Featuring admins from inclusive Facebook Groups, plus trans model and activist Munroe Bergdorf

Facebook — Lift Black Voices

🏆 – Won the Organic Promotion category at the Shorty Social Good Awards

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Nike — Playing for the Next Generation

The story of Asisat Oshoala , who's creating opportunities for more Nigerian girls to chase their football dreams. This became the most engaged film for Nike in EMEA during the 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup, and second most engaged globally.

↗ A local artist painted Asisat's message to the next generation at St Jude's Field in Lagos.

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Nike — Your Unimaginable Summer

For the Air Max 270 React we created five dreamlike worlds for sneakerheads to explore. Tap and swipe to find hidden stuff, sign up for real-world events, and buy some fresh drip, all completely inside Instagram.

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Cancer Research UK — Right Now

To prove research (funded by your donations) is working, we revisited the stars of our original ads. This campaign was incredibly effective , leading to a significant increase in donations.

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Cancer Research UK — Walk All Over Cancer

They came up with a new fundraising event, and we knew just what song to use.

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Budweiser — Supporting Sholing

Sholing FC are a winning non-league side held back from promotion due to their poor facilities. So Bud changed that with a £100,000 donation.

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🏆 – 2x Cannes Lions, 2x Lovies, 4x MAA Best Awards (including Grand Prix), 1x IPA Effectiveness

Mattessons — MMM3000

Co-creating the world's first hands-free snacking and gaming device with the UK's top gaming YouTuber.

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YouTube — Epic Response GIFs

We created a set of response GIFs for fans of the Slow Mo Guys to use. So every time fans use one to express themselves, the also promote the Slow Mo Guys.

🏆 – 4x Lovies

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🏆 – 1x Webbys, 1x W3 awards (best in show), 2x Lovies, 1x Drum Dream Awards

YouTube — Don’t Panic Button

Like thousands of young people, Zoella is affected by panic attacks. We created a symbol of solidarity for her fans to share, spreading Zoella's positive outlook.

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National Geographic — The Story of God

We wanted to promote this show using the simple human truth that, whether you're religious or not, most of us under times of stress find ourselves asking �for help from above. You'll just have to watch the show to find out why.

↗ A series of cinemagraphs were made for social

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Toyota — Silence the City

Highlighting how a quiet hybrid engine can provide a moment of calm in an otherwise noisy city.

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This little car packed with a lot of smart features to take on life's big problems. Over 72 hours people told us about their problems and we responded with 129 unique solutions. In the form personalised rap videos, naturally.

Toyota — Outsmart Shout Out

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Toyota — Stories of Better

Short animated film series featuring real stories of Toyota owners.

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Guinness — That Drop of Irish

Everyone likes to claim they've got some Irish family heritage, especially as an excuse to drink on St. Patrick's Day.

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Guinness — Black Lager

People think Black Lager is literally a Guinness and lager shandy. We wanted to show how silly misconceptions can be if you took other words so literally.

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Weird cat stuff — A Statue to the Astrocat

Nobody knows that a cat has been to space. So I crowdfunded £43,000 to build her a statue. At its International Space University unveiling, the statue was applauded by actual astronauts, which was a first for something I’ve done.

🏆 – “Project We Love” by Kickstarter. Gold in Visual Arts, and Silver in WTF/Other at The Side Show Awards.

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Weird cat stuff — Catleidoscope!

Let's reflect on the famous �cats of the internet.

Visit the website

🏆 – 1x Webbys, 2x Lovies, 1x FWA

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Weird cat stuff — Catcordion!

An experiment in responsive web design, playing famous internet cats like an accordion.

It was launched by Andrew WK (as it plays "Party Hard").

Visit the website

🏆 – 1x Webbys, 2x Lovies

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Matthew is a joy to work with. Bright creative insights, strong strategic thinking and flawless executions. I’d give him 3 thumbs up if it was possible.

↗ Paula Cristalli – Director, International Creative at Facebook

If you’re reading this it’s probably because you’re considering Matthew for a position at your company. Take my advice. Hire him and don’t look back. Matthew spent just over 18 months with us at Facebook and his maturity and calmness fostered great, well thought through work time and time again. I have nothing but praise for him and sincerely hope he can come work for us again sometime soon.

↗ Andrew Amadeo – International Creative Director at Facebook

He's just brilliant. Kind and clever. I loved having him here. He made loads of work and loads of friends. God bless him and all who sail on him.

↗ Oli Beale – Partner / Executive Creative Director at Anomaly

Matthew is brilliant. I’d recommend him to anybody. I’ve worked closely with him on all sorts of accounts. His ideas are commercial but always a little left of field. He is media agnostic. He is great at crafting his work. His writing is always sympathetic to the idea and tone of voice. He is brilliant with clients and a great person to have around that everybody likes and respects. Matthew is a reliably great creative I would work with again in a heartbeat.

↗ Joe Corcoran – Partner / Executive Creative Director at Anomaly

Matthew is an excellent creative and an asset to any team. He's both collaborative and independent. He comes up with original ideas, delivers excellent copy and presents work well. He's thorough and efficient and he delivers to high quality without needing much oversight. He's talented, solution-oriented and hardworking; I highly recommend him and his work.

↗ Nick Paget – Creative Director, Head of Campaigns at R/GA

Adaptable, hard-working and incredibly creative. He's become a much-loved member of the creative department, and has delivered every brief with dedication - big or small. He's bursting with ideas for clients and otherwise (check out his catleidoscope) and we'll miss his sense of humour, collaborative spirit and general bounciness.

↗ Laura Jordan Bambach – Chief Creative Officer at Grey, former D&AD President

Need surprising, fresh and modern thinking? Matthew's your Guy. Someone who understands technology and can even make stuff himself. Matthew's your Guy.

I had the pleasure to work with him at Dare for over a year. Hired him on the spot. A true talent.

Flo Heiss – former Executive Creative Director at Dare

Further references available if you really, really need more.

Validate my abilities through other people’s job titles 💁‍♀️

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Lovies x17

W3 x1

MAA Best x4, including Grand Prix

Shorty Awards x1

Cannes Lions x4

Webbys x5

FWA x4

Awwwards x2

One Show x1

The Drum Dream Awards x1

The Side Show Awards x2

IPA Effectiveness Awards x1

Dubai Lynx x3

And if you can’t sleep without a fully itemised list, it’s in the speaker notes.

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