Digital, Mobile & Social Media Lessons
From a Year @MetMuseum

@CommLead @IHeartSAM Jan. 7, 2015

these slides:

Sree Sreenivasan
Twitter: @sree
Instagram: @sreenet • FB: /sreenet & /sreetips
Chief Digital Officer
The Metropolitan Museum of Art

What does @MetMuseum’s
Chief Digital Officer Do?

Work with a world-class team on video, interactives, apps, mobile, social, geolocation, web,
data, email and more.

Chief Digital Officer

Chief Listening Officer

6.2 million visitors in person
2 million square feet

45+ special exhibitions a year

30 million unique visitors
40 million visits

140 million page views

one flagship app

That’s a whole lotta listening!

I’ve learned:

Technology and art have gone hand in hand for thousands of years.

I’ve learned:

You never know
where good ideas
might come from.

My boss on Instagram, follow him:

I’ve learned:

We all have to be smarter about social media.

Facebook: 1,116,000 likes

Twitter: 843,000 followers

Pinterest: 557,000 followers

Instagram: 220,000 followers

Weibo: 4K followers & 1 m
views in 4 months

Flickr: 2,391,300 photo views & 20,600 photos in group pool

YouTube: 9,785,000 views &

20,100 subscribers

@MetMuseum’s Channels


Almost everyone will miss almost everything you do on social media.


Almost everyone will miss almost everything you do on social media.

Until you make a mistake.

Twitter’s @EricaAmerica says:
"If you are good in real life you can be great on Twitter."

@Sree’s addendum: “Erica is right. And if you’re great in real life, you can be awesome on social. But if you’re bad in real life, you’ll be awful on social.”

  • from 5 Social Media Lessons from @RogerEbert,

I’ve learned:

The cultural landscape
is shifting faster than
you think.

@LaPlacaCohen’s Culture Track


William Merritt Chase (American, 1849–1916). At the Seaside, ca. 1892. #metmuseum #americanart

I’ve learned:

Everyone wants a peek behind the scenes.

Charles Le Brun (French, 1619–1690). Everhard Jabach (1618–1695) and His Family, ca. 1660. Oil on canvas; 110 1/4 x 129 1/8 in. (280 x 328 cm). The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, Purchase, Mrs. Charles Wrightsman Gift, 2014 (2014.250)

Posts about Jabach painting and its restoration
by Keith Christiansen and Michael Gallagher

I’ve learned:

Mobile is even more important than you think.

Met mobile team:
@LoicTallon, @LizFilardi, Paco Link
+ cast of thousands

I’ve learned:

We’re all in this together.

I’ve learned:

There’s so much cool stuff happening in museums.

I’ve learned:

You’ve got to get the word out. And it isn’t easy.

I’ve learned:

If you want to be truly global, you have to be
local, too.

I’ve learned:

Expertise matters.

I’ve learned:

You have to build
your own audience.

I’ve learned:

You have to help your audiences to understand,

participate, share

It’s hard to shoot jellyfish on your smartphone, so @MontereyAq’s

app gives you easily shareable beauty shots

I’ve learned:

Storytelling counts.

The iPhone of Ancient Rome

“Fine Dining” with Chris Lightfoot,
from 82nd & Fifth (web & iPad app)

Gallery 815 - Degas's Paintings and Pastels #metmuseum #degas

I’ve learned:

We have to be more
open to repurposing,
redisplaying, resurfacing.

I’ve learned:

We can learn from all kinds of folks.

@BevTGooden created #WhyIStayed

I’ve learned:

No one has all the answers...

But YOU can help us find some of those answers...

@Sree's Social Media Success Formula

Your tweets, Facebook postings, etc, should have as many of these attributes

as possible...












occasionally funny

The following slides, put together
by our social media team of
Taylor Newby (@TaylorCNewby)
& Lucy Redoglia (@MetEveryday),
show how the Met uses various
social media platforms.

Social Media Strategy @MetMuseum


est. November 7, 2007 | 1,116,000 likes

  • Artwork of the Day
  • Artists’ birthdays
  • Exhibitions
  • Sweepstakes
  • Events and Programs
  • Blog posts
  • Museum announcements and initiatives
  • Promote other channels such as Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter

  • Exhibitions
  • The permanent collection
  • Artists’ birthdays
  • Relevant current trends
  • Events and Programs
  • Blog posts
  • Museum announcements and initiatives
  • Press coverage
  • Twitter Q&As
  • Live tweeting from events such as Met Gala, Fiesta, Membership’s 82nd & Fifth event, TEDxMet

est. November 6, 2008 | 747,000 followers

what people are saying about us

  • Highlight the permanent collection through thematic boards
  • Exhibition boards
  • Watson Library Digital Collections board
  • Cloisters anniversary board
  • Boards for Museum projects including 82nd & Fifth and select Connections episodes
  • 25 boards and 1,516 pins to date
  • Third highest social referral behind StumbleUpon and Facebook

est. March 2012 | 557,199 followers

est. January 29, 2013 | 169,000 followers

  • Permanent collection
  • Exhibitions
  • Gallery views
  • Throwback Thursday historical images
  • Architectural details
  • Photos from events
  • #emptymet
  • Campaigns, i.e. #everydayepiphanies

Our photos that made it to the popular page

more platforms

  • Main Photostream: photographs from Education, Membership, MADI events
  • Group Pool: User-submitted photos

  • Tips by Museum staff, visitors, and others, ie. WSJ, TimeOut New York, The Onion, The New Yorker
  • 12 locations: MDR, Nolen Library, The Grace Rainey Rogers Auditorium, Metropolitan Museum Steps, The Cloisters, etc.
  • Met Lover Badge when you check-in twice and follow the Met
  • Recorded talks and performances
  • Exhibition-related videos
  • Teaser reels
  • Online Initiatives (ie. 82nd and Fifth/Connections)
  • Director’s Messages
  • Historical videos

  • Highlight user generated content across channels
  • More involvement from curatorial and conservation staff
  • Launch new channels
  • Increase presence within the Museum
  • Access to behind the scenes content

What’s Next?

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