Kaelin Beattie

I love to ski! I started skiing when I was 3. My ski style is twin tips they are really good for going backwards and doing tricks. Some of my favorite places to ski are Jay Peak, Ragged, Pat’s Peak, Cannon and Gunstock. I have been on the only 2 trams in New England to get to ski from the top.

I love airsoft and milsim ( military simulation). I spend most of my time playing outside and working with my dad( Munroe Builder). I Enjoy playing with my dog max . I Have to try really hard at thing in order to do anything.


Christopher Sullivan :)


Cheer is my favorite sport. I love cheering and I love all the teams I have been on. I am a flyer also a base I laugh&smile all the time. I love the mall to shop with friends.

Soccer is my favorite sport. I love to go to the beach in the summer. I love to hang out with my family and pets. Whenever I get the chance I would always hang out with friends. In the winter I love wearing pom pom hats that is why I choose to put one.

I love to play and watch soccer, I always try to improve.

Christian Ginsberg

My name is Miriam Peck. I am always tired. No matter how much sleep I get, I am still going to be tired. I like volleyball and basketball. I also like shopping, painting, and playing with my dogs.

Miriam Peck

Hi my name is Payton Hull and what I look like is that I have brown hair and blue eyes just to make that clear I love soccer and I love being a soccer goalie I love sports in general I love going to my camp in the summer and I love running and my favorite color is orange and blue.

Payton Hull

I like to do photography and I like to do sports. And I also like organizing things like say you had to decorate anything like food or a house I like choosing ideas and how something


Rissa Demeritt

Hi! My name is Rissa and I love animals. I have eight of them. I love drawing and singing. I can be shy with new people I meet. I have a few best friends in this class. They are Krystal, Lindsey, and Maddi. My favorite color is blue.

Karys Wilkins

I want to explore abandoned theme parks and hospitals so that’s why my emoji is in one

I am a gamer. I play sports video games. I also watch tv. I love to read sometimes. I also enjoy the fresh air. I love to play NBA2K17 and NBA2K18.

I smile whenever I get to see quads and go four wheeling in deep mud. My background shows I love quads and I might be able to do quad racing!

My emoji shows the smile I get when I see ferrets, I also added a ferret background to show how much I love ferrets. I have two ferrets. One of which once got attacked by one of our eight snakes. ( It wasn’t my fault.) The color of my emoji shows that red is one of my favorite colors. The emoji shows that I am a decently happy person, even when challenged with a task, such as using computers.

Lindsey Parents

Maddison Beltran

I love to do Tae Kwon Do. I like ferrets, but not as much as Lindsey. I love to listen to music. I am very talkative and I don’t like being silent. I have 2 dogs and 2 cats.


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