How to Add Us on MyBar

Due A.S.A.P.

Why Should I Bother to Add?

The school will be using the club roster on MyBar to base what rooms will be available for clubs.

For example clubs with more members will get priority to choose larger rooms.

They would also like us to use it for club notifications, proof to add to resumes, etc.

Step 1: Power On

Step 2: Open the Interwebs of Choice

Step 3: Go to the CPP Website

Step 4: Find MyBar

Step 5: Find the Login Button

Step 6: Actually Login

Step 7: Time to Find the Club's Page

3 options for “neo”
1 for “anime”

Step 7: Time to Find the Club's Page (Alt Method)

Page 29 #4

Step 7.1: Searching Time

2nd page in N

Step 7.1: Searching Time

Step 7.1: Searching Time

Step 8: Join Us!

Step 9: Make Sure You Get this Screen!

Step 12: Wait for a Confirmation

You should receive an email and a notification on MyBar when you have been accepted into the club.

Step 10: Just Need to Make a Setting Change

Step 11: Go to Privacy Settings

Step 12: Scroll Down

Step 13: Click the Little Arrow

Step 14: Make Sure It Says Show

Step 14: Make Sure it Says Show

Step 15: Make Sure Settings are Saved

Step 16:...oh wait...we’re done...

How to add us on MyBar - Google Slides