Gun Violence

By Benjamin Feinberg


Gun Violence is one of the many dangers of the world. I am researching is gun violence and stronger gun prevention. This problem impacts young people in MIchigan because they worry about violence in their lives.


According to the Giffords Law Center, Every day, 100 Americans die from gun violence. 8 out of those 100 people everyday who die from guns are still in childhood. 36,383 people die each year. 35% of them are homicides. 61% are suicides. 1.4 % of these deaths of these are law enforcement, and 1.3% is unintentional.

According to Pew Research Center in 2017, 30% of Americans own a gun, and another 11% live in a home with a gun. As of 2017, guns were only used 29 times to stop a crime.

Hunting with guns are decreasing, but gun ownership is still going up.

Requirements to Buy a Gun

Right now, to buy a gun, you must be over 21 and have a background check. But, if you have, for example, a mental illness, the confirmation of your gun purchase would be compromised. Also, if you are on the federal no-fly or watch list, you are ineligible to purchase a gun.

How to Prevent Gun Violence

There are probably many ways to prevent gun violence. According to the Michigan Coalition to Prevent Gun Violence (MCPGV), there is something called the “Extreme Risk Protection Order”. One Representative is suggesting House Bill 4283 . This is a bill which states that if a person appears to be a danger to themselves or others, people close to them can petition the court to take your guns away for a year (Extreme Risk Protection Order).

MCPGV also suggests background checks for felons, terrorists, and violently mentally ill and domestic abusers.

Another thing is banning military-style weapons.

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Both gun owners and non-gun owners can agree on two ways to lower gun violence:

  • Limiting access to guns to those who have mental illnesses.
  • Limiting access to people who are on the federal no-fly or watch list.

Video Game Revenue Compared to Violent Gun Deaths By Country. Idk i just felt like putting this in xd

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Number of FBI Background Check For Long Gun Purchases by Year

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