Based On The Book By Jay Bilas & Academy Award Nominated Movie “Lone Survivor” Along With Other Tough Examples


Everyone likes superheros and one of the more popular series’ has the Marvel’s “The Avengers” . Individually they are all great and have unbelievable skills, but when faced with a battle against a enemy they must embrace their roles and accept their inducal challenges to lead to a victory.

Accepting Roles

  • Roles Are Necessary
    • Every Player Is A Role Player
    • Not A Negative - Only Limiting If You Allow It
    • Not Permanent
  • Roles Are Equal
    • All Roles Needed To Succeed
    • You Need To Be A Star In Your Role
    • Everything Is Second To The Team
  • Most Important Role Is Being A Teammate
    • Do Not Cave To Today’s Individual Entitlement
    • From The Top On Down We Are Together
    • No Stat For Being A Good Teammate
  • Individual Success Is Tied To Team Success
    • “When individual success is tied to team success, you have a chance to be special” -Doc Rivers

One of the hardest things in a team is accepting roles. Just making a block or pass isn’t being a good teammate, fulfilling your role in relation to the whole is what needs to be done.

Roles Are Necessary

Roles Are Equal

Most Important Role Is Being A Teammate

Individual Success Is Tied To Team Success

“Accepting roles is about a ‘big picture environment’ and it takes maturity to accept it, to be convinced to buy in fully. No matter how big or small your role, it is important. It may not be glamorous, but it’s a necessity for us to win a championship”

- Jon Gruden -

“Role Players”

To accept and embrace a role, you have to be a tough player. And to accept and embrace a role without allowing that role to limit you, you have to b especially tough - Jay Bilas

Your role can be defined and you don’t have to like it, but if you are limited by it, that’s on you - Herm Edwards

Back Ups Push The Starters - Nobody Knows When Your Chance Will Come

Championship Team’s WE Driven Not Me Driven

Your role is different than your value - Bill Self

Every player has to believe his role is the most important role on the team - Doc Rivers

Your role can change at any moment. Are you prepared for what the game will throw at you? - Mia Hamm

Bob Knight Philosophy: Shooters Shoot, Passers Pass, Everybody Defends And Rebounds

Jay Bilas Quote: You must be tough to accept what many people feel is confining to them when it can actually be a launching pad for their success. Tough can do what is asked of them.

Herm Edwards Quote: It’s an attitude one has to always have the desire to reach their ultimate limits and know today you won’t be as good as you are tomorrow.

Quote: A true team will win championships more often than not. That takes everyone making each other better. If we don’t challenge each other outside of our sport or in practice how can we be ready when we face another team? When non starters push the starters it breeds competition and competition breeds champions.

Championship teams come from a together mindset. A brotherhood that is inseparable. By accepting and fulfilling your role the WE becomes stronger and at the forefront of everything you do.

Doc Rivers Quote: Here is a good quote from not just a coach, but someone that found success in the NBA as a player. Some might characterize him as a “role player”, but his teams found much success.

Mia Hamm Quote: Mia tells a story about her US national teammate Tiffany Roberts who was asked to finally play after not seeing a second of action in the semi final game against Norway. Her job was to face guard Norway’s best player from start to finish. The US won and went on to win the gold, however Tiffany didn’t even play in the championship match. Her only time came in one game when she was called upon. Are you ready for yours?

Bob Knight Philosophy: Don’t try to do things you aren’t your best at, do things the team needs done and allow the correct people to fill those jobs to put our team in the best possible position.

Embrace Being #1

Now let me ask you man...

What does it take to be number one?

Two is not a winner

And 3 nobody remembers (hey)

What does it take to be number one?

~ Nelly “Number One” ~

  • Many People Want To Be #1 But Don’t Want The Burden
    • Don’t Want Its Expectations
    • Bulls Eye On Back
    • Eric Thomas: Everyone Wants To Be A Beast
  • Everyone Gives #1 Their Best Shot
    • Embrace It
  • Toughest Teams = Most Together Teams
    • Stoppage Of Play Tells A Lot
      • Do Players Come Together/Huddle Up
      • Are They Seperate/Do Their Own Thing

Many People Want To Be #1 But Don’t Want The Burden

Everyone Gives #1 Their Best Shot

Toughest Teams = Most Together Teams -- Remember “You Can’t Be Tough Alone”. Good teams know each other and help one another because they want their team to remain the best.

Play From 3:54 - End

Toughness Of Together

  • Coach K Add “Together” To Everything
    • Emphasizes Being A Part Of Something Bigger
    • Conditions Thoughts
    • Example: Play Hard...Together, Communicate...Together
  • Easy Shots/Plays Require Hard Teamwork
  • Being Around Tough People Makes You Tougher
    • Goes The Other Way Also
  • You Don’t Lose Alone
    • DISCLAIMER: Does not mean we are not held individually accountable for the execution of our particular jobs or roles.
  • Tough Means Stepping Outside Your Interest
    • Attitude And Approach
    • Make Teammates Successful, Then Work Like Crazy To Beat Them At Their Best (Bilas)

Many have been ON a team. Very few have been members of a team - Larry Brown

Coach K Add “Together” To Everything -- One thing Jay Bilas said Coach K does for his teams is teach them to add the word “Together” after everything they said. It made them focus on the team and if they did things together it would lead to everyone's success.

Easy Shots/Plays Require Hard Teamwork -- To get our shots and the best plays accomplished it requires intense work from everyone. To satisfy for the easy play is not equal to getting the easy shot or easy pass that is truly desired. In basketball how many teams settle for deep threes. Listen to announcers and how many times they use that word. The better teams don’t even have that word in their vocabulary.

Being Around Tough People Makes You Tougher -- It's amazing how this tends to happen. It can happen without even realizing it.

You Don’t Lose Alone -- Team loses games, but don't forget your roles.

Tough Means Stepping Outside Your Interest

Accept Accountability For Others

  • Help Be Responsible For Others
    • Preparation Is Huge
  • Bus Trips
    • Be On Time And Make Sure Everyone Else Is
  • Check On Each Other
    • Equipment, Jerseys, Shoes, Etc…
    • Roles, Responsibilities, Knowledge
    • Off The Court/Field
  • If A Teammate Isn’t Caring For Obligations It Can’t Be Ignored
  • Learn To Say “NO”
    • “‘No’ is a really important word and it’s a word used by tough people. ‘Yes’ causes a hell of a lot more problems for people than ‘no’ does” -Bob Knight

Cadet Code

A Cadet Will Not Lie, Cheat, Steal, Or Tolerate Those Who Do

Acceptance for team members accountability is something that takes toughness. Too often we each look out for ourselves and ourselves only. A lone wolf isn’t as terrifying as a wolfpack. It’s the wolfpack that makes the wolf, not the other way around. We must be accountable for ourselves and others if we want to get to our destination.

Help Be Responsible For Others -- Part of being responsible for others isn’t doing everything for them, but it is assisting them when they are in need. A soldier doesn't leave without his brothers. He takes care of them anyway he can, because ultimately they are together a team. He knows if the situation was reversed he would do the same thing no questions asked.

Bus Trips -- Bus trips to away games or activities are a test for teammates to make sure everyone is ready to go. Not one teammate should be without a piece of equipment. Don’t be satisfied you are all good.

Check On Each Other -- In all areas not just these make sure everyone on your team is ready to go. Don’t wait or leave it go. Be tough.

If A Teammate Isn’t Caring For Obligations It Can’t Be Ignored -- Waiting till it’s too late catches up to teams. Take care of it right away before it can be a factor. Being a part of a team (a true team at least) means taking care of your own obligations, but also making sure your teammates are as well.

When Coach K attended West Point (Naval Academy) there was a Cadet Code for the men and women there. It did not talk about telling on others, but to make sure you follow the standards and make sure others did as well. If you didn’t steal, but you saw a teammate steal an extra drink at the concession stand you are just as guilty as if you had done it yourself.

Cadet Code

A Cadet Will Not Lie, Cheat, Steal, Or Tolerate Those Who Do

This is the introduction scene where the seals make new petty Officer Shane Patton do what is required to get into the group. This is his initiation, acceptance, into the group.


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