Cav’s Guide Book

for International Students

(English Version)

Blanchet’s Motto

~ Be challenged by an academically rigorous curriculum.

~ Grow towards maturity in Christ.

~ Contribute to the enrichment of society.

~ Participate in the traditions of the Catholic Church.

This viewbook is meant to help the new international students to get to know the school better before they come and hope them can be more comfortable and enjoyable during their time at Blanchet.

Welcome to Blanchet Catholic School! We are very proud of the tradition that has been built here, that of sound college preparatory education rooted in our faith. This tradition is the shared commitment of our board, administration, faculty, staff, families and students. It is evidenced not only in a rigorous curriculum but also in the breadth of co-curricular programs and activities that we offer to our students. No matter the group, whether in service, campus ministry, sports, performing arts, or one of our many clubs, it is through these activities that important personal formation and memories are made.

Blanchet Catholic School (BCS) is a private Catholic high school and middle school in Salem, Oregon, United States. Salem is centrally located between Eugene, 66 miles to the south and Portland, 49 miles northwest. Blanchet's school colors are Royal Blue and White.Blanchet was founded in 1995 after the tradition of two former Catholic secondary schools in Salem, Sacred Heart Academy (1863 to 1984) and Serra Catholic (1954 to 1969). It serves grades 7–12, and serves 6th grade as of Fall of 2009.

Your Home Away From Home




BCS High School Courses(9-12 grade)





Social Studeies

Health I, II


Art 1 & 2 Chamber Orchestra Concert Choir

Digital Media Production Drama 1 Weight Training

Spanish 1, 2, 3, 4 French 1, 2, 3, 4 Leadership

Lifetime Sports Office Skills Personal Fitness

​​​​​​​ Pottery 1 & 2 Psychology Sociology

Digital Photo Imaging 1 & 2 Teacher Aide

Wind Ensemble Faith in Action (Spirituality Team)


GPA (Grading and Evaluation) is

important for you to go a college

in future, most of colleges

require to have high GPA.

GPA scale in BCS is;

A = Excellent performance

A 4.00 A- 3.70

B = Above average performance

B+ 3.30 B 3.00 B- 2.70

C = Average performance

C+ 2.30 C 2.00 C- 1.70

D = Below average performance

D+ 1.30 D 1.00 D- 0.70

F = Performance fails to meet minimum requirements; no credit is given.

F 0.00

Higher GPA is more possibilities for college financial aid, try to get higher GPA as possible for your future. To get higher GPA, artistic class and physical education classes would be better to take.

Sport Teams





  • Campus Ambassadors
  • DECA
  • Friends of Benedictine (FOB)
  • National Honor Society
  • Outdoor Club
  • Science Olympiad
  • Speech & Debate
  • Spirituality Team
  • Student Government
  • Yearbook


I am a teacher at Blanchet Catholic school and religion. The curriculum is designed to help students learn more about the faith each year. Probably a more basic understanding could be found at the earlier grade levels. A nice student project could be researched to find a simple Catholic catechism in the student's own language. My suggestion is that some students be more open to the teaching and life of the Church. Some of them may arrive here with the idea that religion is a very primitive and obsolete cultural product. It may take a lot to move from that perspective to one of openness. Jesus is alive. It is my hope that students can experience that reality for themselves.

Blanchet school is a very small school, which means that students would have a lot of interaction with other people. There are probably people from your native country or native area who speak your language and understand your culture, but you would also need to interact with other people and that would help your language a lot. You will learn a lot of English that way and you will also make some friends and learn about new people. Also, you should be prepared that there are some teachers who would expect you to give your opinion and some teachers would expect you to be interacting in class, answering questions in class. It’s ok to be shy and uncomfortable. There are many American students who are also shy. But that’s one thing you should expect is that some American teachers will be asking you to answer questions in class. So don’t be completely surprise if that kind of thing happens.

Ms Pavelek

Mr Buttrick



For American students, we very rarely travel outside the United States and also rarely learn another language, unlike students from other countries. If it weren’t for the International Program, we would not otherwise see students from Japan, China, Vietnam, etc. It exposes us to different cultures and different people, and that is very important in making well-rounded students, both those native to the United States and those visiting. I think that there are a few noticeable differences between the students; in their dispositions (the American students tend to be bigger and louder in general), their manners, (Asian students tend to be more polite and soft-spoken in general), but in every other regard we are much the same. We talk to our friends. We play sports. We have trouble in some classes and do better in others.

I think the international program at Blanchet is amazing because you expose a new culture, a new language, and a new way of living. I think it is really helpful because it broadens your horizon of, you know, there are so much more out there than just what you know. About the difference between American students and international students, I would say is most likely the language. But I think there is also universal side like happiness. We are more connected. Even if we both come from different backgrounds, we still have that connection of being human beings, you know, good people in general. I think the main difference just language and culture.





2017 Senior Service Project


William Yuen

Riku Kawano

Xingchen Guo

Wendy Liao

Kiana Lee

George Gao

Rui Peng

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