Sweetwater Union High School District

About our District

  • The largest secondary school district
    • 13 high schools
    • 11 middle schools
    • Alternative educations sites
    • 4 adult schools

  • SUHSD has a 360:1 counselor to student


  • Representing communities of National City, Chula Vista, Imperial Beach, San Ysidro, and San Diego

Our Students

Our students are culturally, linguistically and economically diverse!

  • 42,000 students in 7th - 12th grade
    • 76% Latino
    • 8% Filipino
    • 6% European American
    • 5% Two or more races
    • 3% African American
    • 1% Asian
  • About half of our students speak a language other than English in their home
  • 46% of our students meet their UC/CSU A-G requirements



  • Follow the American School Counselor Association (ASCA) National Model
  • Deliver classroom lessons, gather and evaluate data
  • Ensure that every student has a plan for success
  • Design comprehensive guidance programs to meet student needs
  • Are culturally competent  and are advocates for equity & access
  • Are leaders within school sites & district leadership teams
  • Are data driven and gather program results to improve practices, prevention, and intervention services

School Counselors in the Sweetwater Union High School District:

Schools in Action: Core Curriculum Lesson

Hilltop Middle School:  Education Essentials Guidance Lesson

    • 45% increase after the lesson in students knowledge of the A-G requirements
    • 98% of students believed they were likely or highly likely to go to college
    • Counselors placed 90.7% of students in A-G math and 82% completed their World Language requirement


Pre Test

Post Test

No use of any homework planner



Knowledge of A-G requirements




Qualitative Data (input from students after the lesson):

-I will now start planning for my future and now I have ideas to relieve my tensions because of the exercise.  

-This helps relieve my stress

Schools in Action: Core Curriculum


Sweetwater High School:

Schools in Action: Intentional Guidance

Eastlake Middle: Credit Checks

    • Beginning of 13-14, 14% of 8th grade student were not meeting promotion credits
    • At the end of 13-14, 5% of 8th grade students not meeting promotion credits
      • 10% improvement in promotion rate
      • 150 credits recuperated
      • Targeted students for credit recovery recruitment, small group counseling, parent conferences, SST, and academic monitoring

Our Counseling Supervisors

Our counselors provide our interns with a rich experience, providing many opportunities to facilitate groups, deliver/create classroom lessons, engage in individual/crisis counseling, college counseling, to name a few.

  • They provide support, modeling, feedback to school counseling trainees within a comprehensive counseling program so they are prepared and equipped to successfully enter the field of school counseling.

Shadowing, Practicum, Fieldwork

  • If interested in shadowing or completing your practicum or fieldwork in SUHSD please contact Liliana Silva Diaz: 619-407-4956 liliana.silva@sweetwaterschools.org

  • Before beginning fieldwork
    • You must be cleared with our human resources department
      • TB Test, Certificate of Clearance and Mandated Reporting Training
Fieldwork Outreach.pptx - Google Slides