Zhe sells Z-shells

LUG talk: William Theisen


What the hell is a shell

  • Command line interpreter
  • What you use every day
  • Something to brag about
  • The best way to interact with a computer
  • It’s just a program on your computer, a file

Different kinds of shells

  • Bourne shell - sh
    • Bash
    • Zsh
    • Ksh

  • Csh - ignore this one
    • What’s on the student machines

Z-Shell Tab Completion

It just feels so good

Z-Shell Path Expansion

Tab is a magical thing for the lazy

Z-Shell Plugins

Command Completion

Syntax Highlighting Sudo addition

Z-Shell Themes

So pretty

Installing Zsh

  • Oh-my-zsh
    • Easy
    • Can be cool like Will Badart
    • Lots of extras
    • B L O A T E D

  • From scratch
    • Difficult
    • Total control
    • Faster
    • Can be neckbeard like me

Example .zshrc


Zhe sells Z-shells - Google Slides