Inspiring Girls to be Active in STEM

About MakerGirl

MakerGirl introduces young girls between the ages of 7-10 to Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) through 3D printing educational sessions.

MakerGirl is a student- run led social purpose venture started by women at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign,
Elizabeth Engele and Julia Haried.

MakerGirl is here to change the perceptions about
STEM activities and drive change and equality in the
USA and world. MakerGirl sessions are led by
university leaders to foster creativity, spark
enthusiasm, and ignite passions for innovation and
positive change making.

Today’s Makers.
Tomorrow’s Life Changers.


Inspire girls to be active in STEM.


Girls live and dream as unstoppable forces that say “yes” to the challenges of the future which leads to greater gender equality in all workplaces.

The Beginning

In the fall of 2014, co-founders Julia Haried and Elizabeth Engele took Noah Isserman and Ryan Singh’s social entrepreneurship class and were asked, “what bothers you?”

Haried thought of the lock of women in C-Suite positions and Engele thought of her uninspired women peers.

Both concerns led to inspiring

girls to have a “maker”

mindset. The first pilot

session was held on

December 2, 2014.

Today. . . 19 months later

  • 71 sessions, ~2000 unique girls
  • 501c (3) registration
  • #MakerGirlGoesMobile is taking sessions across the United States which was funded by:
    • $32K Kickstarter campaign
    • Sponsorships from Avant, Abbott Laboratories, Hyatt, Parker Hannifin, and Workiva
  • Partnerships with Preemadonna, the Illinois MakerLab, and Ultimaker
  • Team of 30 Change Makers
  • Board of 7 Advisers
  • Revenue positive since pilot session in 12/14

Why 3D Printing?

3D printing allows us to explain the design thinking process and physical influence that STEM has in the world to make a difference.

It’s exciting and innovative--not many girls have been exposed to 3D printing.

Themed sessions bridge the gap between STEM
and girls’ unique passions
(space, food, fashion etc.)

Girls exit the session with a
tangible memory of their
creation, leaving an imprint on the future
creation they can make in the world.

MakerGirl Sessions


Using Tinkercad


  • #MakerGirlGoesMobile (#MGGM) is the first ever nationwide STEM education 3D printing tour. It was funded by a $32K Kickstarter and $XX in-kind donations.
  • #MGGM brings MakerGirl sessions to underserved communities across the U.S.
  • The #MGGM truck contains 14 Ultimaker 2+ 3D printers, 1 Ultimaker 2-Go 3D printer, computers, and all the resources for MakerGirl sessions to occur on the road.
  • The 2016 #MGGM lab sessions are held outside the actual vehicle and only require electrical outlets.
  • The fact that we only need electrical outlets to host a mobile session enables our ChangeMakers to live out our mission and vision across the USA.  
  • This will enable us to form connections and exposure to expand across the globe.  

Future Plans

  • This year:
    • Sessions in 20 campuses across the nation
    • Successful Expansion to xx campuses by end of Spring 2017
    • Regionalized #MGGM sessions
  • 3 years:
    • Global Expansions
    • Students choose UIUC to be a part of MakerGirl

MakerGirl’s Momentum


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