Equity in Connected Learning

And Teaching.

We’ve been seeking it. Here’s what we’ve been finding …

#ED677 Arcadia University

Here’s what we’ve been finding...

Getting started with Connected Learning Organic Learning

Seeking Equity Civic Engagement

Playing with Playful Ways of Knowing and Thinking Free Flowing information

Learning in Connected Learning Unlimited

Practitioner Knowledge and Networked Inquiry = Seeks Equity

Learning in Production-centered learning Active feedback

Openly Networked environments Participation

Shared Purpose Education Reform


Embraces Diversity

Progressive Education



Connected Learning/Teaching Promotes Equity

Connected learning and teaching empowers students and thus promotes equity among them by allowing…

  • All voices to be heard
  • Thoughts, ideas, and experiences to be valued
  • Creativity to take root
  • Interests to flourish into passions
  • Work and actions to carry purpose and meaning to individuals as well as to a larger audience

A traditional classroom environment can stifle student empowerment/equity by…

  • Prioritizing the teacher’s thoughts, ideas, and perspectives
  • Encouraging students to absorb knowledge rather than share and create it
  • Communicating that high grades and test scores are the only indicators of success


    • Suli Breaks. (2013, April 14). I will not let an exam result decide my fate. Retrieved from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D-eVF_G_p-Y

When students are empowered, they are motivated to participate and contribute to communities both in and outside of school. They, in turn, are more prepared to succeed in college and/or the workforce. They do not fade into the background. Rather, they are at the forefront of society. This is equity.

  • Jen Hartman

Connected Learning and Teaching

What is this approach bringing to the classroom?


  • Real-world
  • Communication
  • Collaboration
  • Innovation
  • Empowerment


  • Apply skills to interests
  • Prove their expertise


  • Project-based
  • Utilizes social media
  • Has purpose
  • Encourages self-reflection
  • Takes advantage of the public web
  • Sharing and collaborative work
  • Exploration of interests
  • Assignments are real, demonstrate skills

Watch here! Watch here! Watch here!

8th grade students are created their “Casa ideal” and demonstrated differences between

the two verbs “to be” SER and ESTAR!

  • Samantha Kelly

Connected Learning Equity for ESL and EFL Students

Beyond the Classroom’s Grammar & Vocabulary

Promote communication outside of the classroom

Share common interests with others, around the world

Establish new global relationships

Collaborate with others your ideas, passions, concerns, and beliefs

Participate in groups and organizations where shared interests abound

Define your sense of community in a larger context

Communicate beyond the limitations of your primary language


Equity in Connected Learning and Teaching

To promote equity in CL:

  • Know your students and tap into their interests
  • Let students take ownership of their learning
  • Address social issues that impact students’ communities and lives
  • Let them engage in social-media to expand their audience
  • Encourage meaningful collaboration among students and within the community and online
  • Learn alongside your students toward collective learning Marie-Laure Chemin

I included this treasure map because my investigation of CL these past few weeks has felt like discovering unknown terrain. It has made me reflect on my own classroom environment and provided me with innovative ways to engage all my students.

Connected Learning - Creating Equity for All

Connected Learning - a way of learning that allows an individual to explore their own path and ideas while actively seeking others that can help them along their journey.

Connected Learning is:

  • Building of Relationships
  • Encompassing of all learning styles
  • Personalized Learning with the help of mentors and peers
  • Flexible and adaptable
  • Opportunities for equity

Connected Learning is NOT:

  • Independent
  • A one size fits all approach
  • Siloed learning - a learner on their own
  • Rigid and stagnant
  • Only open to those with privilege


-Margo Seifert

Connected Learning…. Inspires… Everyone

Connected Learning

  • Introduces social cause
  • Invites students to form and voice their opinion
  • Requires participants to collaborate; share ideas and opinions
  • Directs students to take ownership of their learning; form an opinion, seek supporting evidence and positively present their idea.
  • Produces a shareable outcome; writing piece, artwork, digital media, etc.

All in an effort to inspire others to engage, join the conversation and participate in making a positive change.

One Book One School

Endangered by Eliot Schrefer

Students read the book, Eliot Schrefer spoke to the whole school about his experiences in Africa while researching for the book.

Art Room Connection Variety of artworks inspired by OBOS initiative


How can Connected Learning bridge economic gaps?

There is a concern with new technology that the more affluent will naturally have extra time and income to devote to it’s use. However...

… Connected Learning does not exclusively happen online.

Libraries, community centers, churches, makerspaces, and just about any public space where people gather can be established as places for support and free exchange of information.

As teachers we need to discover resources in our communities and encourage our students to take advantage of them.

Images: https://www.flickr.com/photos/mastermaq/18962871653 & https://www.flickr.com/photos/collegeofsanmateolibrary/15391829890

Words: Eric Loyack

Connected Learning: We’re all on a journey...

-Promotes growth mindset

-Meaningful contributions to society

-Interest Driven

-Share interests for
a common goal/purpose

-Learners flourish and reach their highest potential

-Multiple connections to real world

-Peers/all are engaged and working together

*This is an infographic that I drew when thinking about connected learning. It’s not very well organized because there’s so many connections to each purpose

Linsa Sunny


Be Inspired With Us!

This video will help you become enthused about connected learning.

An animated highlight of John Seely Brown's Keynote Presentation, "Cultivating the Entrepreneurial Learner in the 21st Century," at the 2012 Digital Media and Learning Conference.

Watch John Seely Brown's full Keynote Presentation at vimeo.com/37857533.

*Special thanks to Ani Bezirdzhyan for video production, and Ben Brazil for original music*


Guiding Design Principles

  • Everyone Can Participate
  • Learning Happens By Doing
  • Challenge is Constant
  • Everything Is Interconnected

Connected Learning is...

An opportunity for equity.



Interest Driven.

Thinking outside of the box.

Beneficial for the community.

Happy Learning

Samantha Simpson

What i’ve found...

  • CL is for all age groups and can be implemented in every classroom.
  • CL leads to a better understanding between student and teacher. Better understanding leads to better relationships and further learning.
  • CL encourages “play” - which encourages collaboration and experimentation.
  • CL brings people from around the world together.
  • CL is not just online - it’s a mindset.

I included this video furthering our understanding on the “play” aspect f CL. This section really resonated with me as an early educator and I’ve found myself wanting to know how I can encourage more play in my setting.

  • Jamie Weiss

Finding people to get connected,
Learning from different perspective,
Digging up to the course,
Contribution to make learning extended,
Collaboration space,
Problem-solving ,
The members of community grow together no matter how slowly it is,
Pathway to equity,
Not always happen digitally,

Less Technology, More Spaces

Principles of Connected learning

Connected Learning

Interest Powered

Production Centered

Peer Supported

Shared Purpose

Academically Oriented

Openly Network

The video above inspires me on how to create a connected learning community in places with less access to technology,,, Using community center, library or even a church as a place to get connected and collaborated

Connected Learning ... What I get

Selviana S. Ndoen

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