2020 Services Overview

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Who We Are: our objective

SellPersonal’s objective is to make CROs (Chief Revenue Officers) better.

Who We Are: our mission

SellPersonal’s mission is to help businesses optimize, automate and innovate revenue productivity processes so that they can provide better customer experiences.

How conversations start with us

  • “We have all of these new tools and aren’t using them.”
  • “We need to document our processes.”
  • “Help us reach new markets.”
  • “Help us with a go-to-market strategy.”
  • “We need revenue operations/enablement.”
  • “What do you think about XYZ technology?”
  • “I need a process put into place.”

What We Do: defined

  • Workshops: create new strategies or optimize existing processes
  • Blueprints: a detailed roadmap for how to execute on the ideas created in the workshop
  • Team Coaching (Weekly or Biweekly): keep the team accountable to the blueprint
  • Leadership Coaching (2X or 4X per month): keep you accountable to the blueprint
  • Stewardship: we project manage the blueprint

Workshops: defined


Workshops are designed to create a safe space for leadership to brainstorm innovative ideas as it relates to revenue enablement. One workshop will tackle up to 3 revenue enablement objectives plus hold a 1-to-2 hour interactive Q&A.

  • REO Track (Revenue Enablement Optimization): increase your bottom-line by optimizing existing revenue streams processes.
  • REI Track (Revenue Enablement Innovation): build your new go-to-market strategy by defining your audience(s), your objective(s) and your key results for unlocking new revenue streams.

Blueprints: defined


Blueprints pick up where the workshop ends. Our blueprints provide a full SOP or playbook for your team to follow allowing your team to execute the exact steps needed to achieve the revenue objective(s) discussed in the workshop.

  • SOP (Standard Operating Procedure): a living blueprint outlining the procedures used to perform activities as a strategy to ensure consistent product creation or service delivery.
  • Strategic Playbook: a blueprint for your new go-to-market strategy where you will gain insights into how you can create new revenue streams.

Who’s put us to work



My focus is helping companies reimagine ways in which they can increase revenue and reduce churn. By working strategically alongside revenue leaders, I bring their objectives to life by utilizing innovative productivity practices and technologies - always with the customer experience in mind.

As a "recovering sales rep", having worked for venture-backed startups such as SoftBank, Scale Venture Partners and Summit Partners as well as larger organizations such as Oracle and Google, I bring a unique perspective on the challenges facing companies today.

I also run the CRO Gumbo community and podcast. You can read more about me here.

Testimonials: props

“Our opportunity pipeline increased 566% within 90 days of Christien coming into our organization.” - Joseph B., CRO - $30mm Cybersecurity SaaS

“Christien helped us grow our business by 17% over a 15-month period.” - Joe Koufman, Founder/CEO - Setup

“Christien has completely revamped our sales culture. The vibe around here is just different.” - Dan Levak, Sr. Director of Customer Growth - VoiceNation

Pricing: investment

*All coaching or advising engagements require a minimum agreement of 6 months and include access to Christien via a dedicated team Slack channel.

**Clients more than 60 miles outside of metro Atlanta (30339) will be billed for pre-approved travel expenses.



Strategic Blueprint

Team Coaching (1X or 2X per Month)

Leadership Coaching (2X or 4X per Month)


Christien Louviere


Starts at $10,000

Starts at $7,200 per month*

Starts at $3,500 per month*

Starts at $25,000


Text: “CRO” to 555888

Call: 678.862.5554


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