G Suite for Education
Introduction for Fair Lawn Students and Teachers

Fair Lawn Public Schools

Google Apps Administrators:

Miriam Parkinson, Kathy Sobeck

What is Google Apps for Education?

Google Apps for Education is a free web-based suite of programs provided by Google for schools to use.

Google Apps includes such programs as:

  • Gmail (email)
  • Google Drive (docs, forms, slides and sheets)
  • Groups (online class discussion)
  • Sites (web sites)
  • Google Calendar

Our Google Domain

  • All accounts share the same domain
    • user@fairlawnsds.org
  • Sharing is restricted to within the domain
  • Access is protected and open only to those within the district’s Google domain
    • secure servers, blockage of spam, no outside interaction
  • All Fair Lawn staff and students in grades 4-12 (with parent/guardian permission) can have access to Google Apps

  • Following are details concerning the Google Apps for Education program in Fair Lawn

All of the Google Apps services can be accessed from anywhere you have an Internet connection (school, home, smart phone, etc). This reduces the need for flash drives and home access to the Remote Desktop.

Since Google Apps is all online, it is the same everywhere you use it. There is no issue with having one version of a program at home and a different version at school.

Google Apps allows you to easily share documents and files with teachers and other students, so you can turn in assignments electronically and collaborate on projects with classmates.

Parts of the Google Apps suite


  • Allows you to communicate with staff and students within the Fair Lawn school district
  • Teachers can forward their Fair Lawn Gmail account to their Fair Lawn network account, so you only have to check ONE email account!
  • Students may forward their Fair Lawn Gmail account to a personal email

Google Calendar

  • Google Calendar allows you to maintain multiple calendars for all of your academic needs
  • You can keep calendars private or share them with other teachers or students
  • You can also invite people to events on your calendar

Google Drive

  • Single place to store, access, create, edit, and share documents, files, and folders of all types
  • Include Docs (Word), Sheets (Excel), and Slides (Power Point)

What else does Google Drive do?

  • Can also upload existing files to your drive
  • Download from Drive to your computer
  • Organize files into folders
  • Share

Google Apps in Fair Lawn

Accessing your
Google Apps Account

  • Go to www.google.com
  • Click SIGN IN (upper right)
  • At the login screen, simply type your Google Apps email address


  • Enter your password
  • UNcheck STAY SIGNED IN, if using a school or other public computer

Email Addresses

  • Email addresses follow a specific format to allow ease of finding teachers and students

  • Teacher:
    • firstinitial.lastname@fairlawnsds.org

e.g. slockner@fairlawnsds.org

  • Student:

firstname.lastname+gradyear @fairlawnsds.org

e.g. mary.smith2019@fairlawnsds.org

Remember that the student’s Google Apps accounts are provided for educational use:

  • to communicate with teachers
  • to submit assignments to teachers
  • and to collaborate with others and share projects

Fair Lawn School’s Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) covers uses and misuses of the school provided Google Apps acct.

(document available on the district website for your review)

Google Apps Introduction for Fair Lawn Students and Teachers - Google Slides