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🤖 MIT Robotics Seminar - CEO + Head of Autonomy talk tech and journey.

🚁 Millimeter-scale 3D Model - Mock helicopter crash captured autonomously in 45 minutes.

🎞 Cinematography Reel - Highlights from our customers in 2020.

🦄 Series D Funding at $1B - Exciting milestone, but we’re just getting started.

🚘 Skydio x Tesla - Skydio 2 follows and films a Model 3 driving itself.

📚 Mission + technology deep dive --> keep reading this deck

Today our products are flown at scale in complex, unknown environments by a wide range of customers to capture incredible video, inspect critical infrastructure, and save lives in emergency response scenarios.

And we're just getting started. By combining best-in-class autonomy and cloud connectivity, drones will become critical and ubiquitous infrastructure that can be deployed and monitored in real-time to solve a variety of problems faster, cheaper and safer than ever before.

Recently raised $170M at a $1B valuation.

Skydio is the leading U.S. drone company and world leader in autonomous flight.

Our Mission - Make the world more productive, creative, and safe with autonomous flight.




Digitize the physical world with millimeter precision.

Drones are 10x more effective and safer than helicopters and heavy machinery used today.

Risk a drone instead of a life in an active shooter or fire scenario.

Reinvent tactical reconnaissance and search & rescue.

Capture amazing moments with a Hollywood film crew that fits in your backpack.

Explore the power and magic of flight.

Bringing Hardware to Life

If you’re interested in being a core member of an embedded team that’s building the foundation for a major emerging industry, we would love to hear from you.

  • Small team / massive impact
  • Inclusive and transparent culture
  • Commitment to lifelong learning
  • Large span of systems to work on
  • Go from idea to test flight in a day

Hiring Now: Senior Embedded Generalist, Embedded Generalist, Camera Software Engineer, Embedded Infra Engineer

Hiring Always: Exceptional engineers who love making an impact

Technology: C++, C, Python, Bazel, Nix, GCC/Clang

Platforms: Linux, Android, Baremetal, RTOS (Nvidia, Qualcomm, STM32)


Major Impact

Help design and implement cutting edge technology, with a high impact role at every phase

of the product life cycle. Impact areas:

  • Embedded hardware & software product architecture ideation, prototyping, design, development, and deployment

  • Product level leadership for embedded software, hardware/software integration, and product ecosystem integration

  • The center of cross-functional engineering collaboration with hardware, mechanical, UX, autonomy, infrastructure, image quality, and QA teams

What We Do

Our team is responsible for:

  • Drivers for a large number of sensors and microcontrollers
  • Linux kernel bringup and maintenance / development
  • Low level userspace (systemd / Android) and rootfs creation
  • Camera and video pipelines (V4L, gstreamer)
  • Wireless: Wifi / GPS / Radio / Comms
  • Seamless Over the Air updates
  • Accessory device bringup and development
  • Device buildsystem, BSP architecture, and toolchain management
  • Hardware in the Loop testing system

Technology Area: Drones

The embedded team builds the foundation for drone development.

On each drone:

  • 7-8 microcontrollers
  • 2 multicore SOCs (+GPU and DSPs)
  • 7-8 synchronized camera streams
  • Wireless and USB external interfaces
  • Peripherals: GPS, IMU, Baro, temperature sensors, ADSB, charger, RTC, magnetometer, LEDs
  • Custom bootloaders and OTA procedure
  • Critical latency and real time requirements
  • High stakes, safety critical code development

1 of our main vehicle logic boards



Skydio 2

Customer Highlight Reel (October 2020)

Launch Video (October 2019)

Our flagship drone defines the state of the art in autonomy, available to anyone.

  • 360° visual acuity on consumer-grade hardware with six super-fisheye navigation cameras
  • Unmatched autonomy with state-of-the-art algorithms and deep networks
  • Intelligent decision making at high speed using onboard, real-time processing
  • Unprecedented ease of use for anyone to get the job done, not just expert pilots

Skydio X2

Launch Video (April 2021)

Our enterprise drone takes it to the next level

  • Industry leading autonomy
  • Additional payloads including a wide lense and thermal imaging camera
  • Extended battery life
  • Quieter flight
  • Increased wireless range
  • Online and offline variants
  • Ruggedized and more compact design
  • Advanced software features

Technology Area: Accessories

The embedded team maintains the codebase for our ever increasing line of accessory (non-drone) devices.

This includes a mix of Linux-based SOCs and microcontrollers and involves a wide range of sensors and peripherals.

Includes system architecture, bringup, buildsystem integration, automated testing, over the air updates, application code development, and buildsystem integration.





We’re Hiring!

If working on these types of systems excite you, and you're fired up about bringing complex hardware to life, contact us via skydio.com/careers

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