Student Expectations

Maintain an attendance rate of 95% or higher

Give 100% effort

Advocate for help

Be an active participant in learning and community events

Work toward parenting and academic excellence

Be respectful and considerate of all situations/differences

Apply to post-secondary training/or have a post-secondary plan in place

Set goals and work toward those goals


1509 S 76th St. West Allis, WI 53214

Phone: 414-604-4291

Fax: 414-257-3013

Dean/Program Facilitator: Lisa Colla


Became an Instrumentality charter school in 2012

Infant Lab established in 2018

Students educated in parenting, academics, and life skills

Positive, Family-oriented Atmosphere

100% Senior Completion Rate & 95% Daily Average Attendance Rate

DPI Criteria for School-Age Parents

  • Increased graduation rates
  • Increased enrollment in post-secondary education
  • Decreased repeat pregnancies before age 20
  • Stronger knowledge of effective parenting practices
  • Access to family planning, mental health, health care, child care services and transportation
  • Positive parenting skills
  • Young father involvement in school and training

Application Process

  • Students must be enrolled in the WAWM SD
  • Students are referred by Hale, WAC and Dottke or the WA Health Department
  • Application is completed with parent/guardian or student services
  • Officially enrolled after medical confirmation of pregnancy/typically 12 weeks/consult basis prior to this
  • Application is considered a request, NOT an automatic admission.
  • Parent/guardian will be contacted to set up intake meeting
  • The family, student, and staff will decide if placement is appropriate
  • Class schedule and start date determined by staff

Mission Statement:

To provide expectant and school-age parents an opportunity to complete a high school education, encourage strong parenting and healthy lifestyles, and to build post-secondary skills through a supportive community and innovative learning environment.

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