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Wiki Loves Maps 05.02.2015

Name, worked as project coordinator for wikimedia eesti since october 2014

during this time, i have worked on a single project, which is the wikimaps nordic project in estonia. Unfortunately, i have incredibly limited knowledge of earlier estonian glamwiki collaborations, so i will be focusing on what i have done so far.

Wikimaps Nordic project in Estonia

Copey der Geometrischen Charte von Stadt Dörpt.

Ludvig von Wisotcky genannt Hochmuth; Israel Swedman


Public domain

To get the project underway, i was given two initial tasks: to search various databases for maps and images of tartu related to the wikimaps project, and then either uploading them to the wikimedia commons myself or raise initiative to have them uploaded by the database hosts, the latter of which being quite unlikely. Although so far I haven’t found many good sources for the project elevant material, the two i initially studied (which would be the national archives and the digital database of the university of tartu) were quite fruitful- one had high quality scans of maps from up to 300 years ago and the other a moderate amount if images depicting various historical buildings and general views of tartu itself.

Wikimaps Nordic

Old maps of Tartu

  • Wikimedia Eesti
  • National Archives Database
  • Historical Museum of the University of Tartu

“Charte von den im 1-ten Stadttheile Dorpats belegenen Krone Grundplätzen.” by Constantin Benjamin Anders; Moritz H. von Dreyer, 1846

Public domain

First i’ll be talking about the maps i have found so far. As i mentioned earlier, most of the maps i have currently uploaded to the wikimedia commons comes from the national archives database, which contained data on around 120000 maps, a quarter of which were digitally uploaded to their database. Out of those, there were about a hundred high quality maps of Tartu which were guaranteed to be in public domain, some of them scanned in bits due to their size. There were also a few additional maps to be found in digital form in the database of the Tartu City museum, and i have negotiated with the historical museum of the university of tartu regarding the digital uploading of some of their material, which they were happy to oblige.

“Tartu linna Ropka linnaosa kaart” by Julius Grünberg, 1928

Public domain

PIctured here is an example of a map scanned in mutiple bits, of the Ropka district in tartu, the original size being over 2 square meters.

Wikimaps Nordic

Old images of Tartu

  • Wikimedia Eesti
  • DSpace (digital database of the University of Tartu)

A depiction of Angel Bridge by August Matthias Hagen, 1827

Public Domain

The images of tartu i have so far uploaded are only from the digital database of the university oftartu, or DSpace. While initially having trouble getting decent quality images for public use, the administration agreed to let the raw scans be uploaded onto the wikimedia commons after some negotiations. The images depict various historical buildings and streets around tartu, as well as the occasional general view of the city itself from a hilltop.

A depiction of Town Hall Square by Georg Friedrich Schlater, 1852

Public domain

Since I am currently struggling to find more sources for the wikimaps nordic project related material in tartu, i hope that the project in estonia becomes more sizable, allowing not just more material to be found on tartu, but other cities as well.

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