Dunstan Middle School

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What you need to know to support your middle school student.

Engage, Inspire, Empower

  • Engage students in dynamic, rigorous learning activities.
  • Inspire students to explore their interests through innovative electives, content courses, and after-school activities.
  • Empower students with restorative practices in a safe, supportive learning community.

Morning Drop Off

  • No supervision prior to 7:00 am
  • Students can’t enter the building before 7:05
  • 6th Grade - drop off at Devinny & enter in new wing
  • 7th Grade - drop off at front & enter main doors
  • 8th Grade - drop off at south tower & enter through back doors
  • NO PARKING ALONG DRIVE - pull forward - drop & GO!
  • If you need to park use designated spaces
  • Right turn only out of parking lot during morning drop off
  • Students need to use crosswalks & sidewalks - stay out of street


(aka Advise)

Advise begins PROMPTLY at 7:15

~ YES - Advise is MANDATORY ~

What happens in Advise?

  • Set and monitor academic goals.
  • Travel Days (tutoring, make -up work)
  • Access to Library
  • Open Gym 1 day per week for students with a C or higher in all classes
  • Weekly Circles/Social Emotional/Community Building
  • Grade Reports

Advisement Calendar






  • Patriot TV
  • Bi-Monthly Grade Reports Due and signed
  • Homework
  • Independent Reading
  • Travel Day
  • Open Gym
  • Community Circle
  • Spark
  • Homework
  • Independent Reading
  • Travel Day
  • Open Gym
  • Grade Check
  • Spark
  • Community Service
  • Bi-Monthly Grade Report Sent Home

* Advise teachers may have additional special activities during advise such as Community Service, Nature Walks, and Sports Competitions.

Dunstan-Specific Information


    • Students may wear hats.
    • Students may carry backpacks to class.
    • Students can sled at recess when there is snow
    • Students can bring skateboards and scooters with a helmet (to be stored in student’s locker)
    • Students can have their phones during passing period and lunch. Phones are not an acceptable devices for use in class
      All of the above are privileges and can be taken away if not used appropriately.

Dunstan-Specific Information


    • Students shouldn’t receive texts/calls from parents during the school day. Please honor the learning environment.
    • Special restaurant lunch drop off - including parents dropping off, Uber Eats, Grub Hub, etc.. (Remember we are a school of 1,000 students and one person at the front desk.)

Office Number: 303-982-9270

DMS Website

Wealth of information

Links to all digital communications

Contact information


Jeffco Public Schools CO

Family Portal

Jeffco Schoology

  • Username and password are the same as Jeffco Connect for both parent and student.
  • Curriculum and resources for students.
  • Be sure to access JEFFCO Schoology, not general Schoology.

Schoology Summary Feed

Google Classroom

  • Students will have to log into their Jeffco Google account to access Classroom.
  • Curriculum and resources for students can be accessed through Classroom.
  • Parents watch for communication from Classroom to get access to weekly notifications

Grading At Dunstan


  • Assesses what they know in that subject (Standards Based)
  • Tests, quizzes, coursework, etc.
  • Counts towards GPA


  • On task behavior
  • Completes work (in class and homework)
  • On time
  • Participation
  • Does not count towards GPA

Grading At Dunstan

Grade Reports Through Advise

  • Students will complete Bi-Monthly Grade Reports through Advise.

  • Grade reports will come home and must be returned to the Advise teacher with parent/guardian signature.

Check Grades Through Infinite Campus

  • Username and password is same as Jeffco Connect
  • This is where you will find assignments & grades
  • Once in Campus, navigate using the left-hand menu.

Download the App for quick access

Check Grades Through Infinite Campus

  • To view weekly eligibility grades, go to “grades” (overview not detailed)
  • To see individual assignment grades, click each individual class to see further.





  • A cell phone is not an acceptable device
  • Your device needs to have at least a 7” screen
  • Needs Keyboard
  • Charged & ready to go

6th & 7th Grade Orientation

  • Thursday 16th - 7th Grade Only
  • Friday 17th - 6th Grade Only
    • Assembly
    • Locker practice
    • Extended advise
    • Rotate through classes

Monday 20th All grades

Thank you!

When in doubt, ask questions!

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