Granite Oaks Middle School

Gifted and Talented Program

Key and Quest Academies

Advanced learning opportunities are offered in the

clustered GATE Academies Key (7th) and Quest (8th) at Granite Oaks Middle School to Rocklin Unified School District GATE identified students.

GOMS Gifted and Talented Placement

Language Arts and History: Thematic Learning

  • Differentiated Instruction
  • Project Based Learning (PBL)
  • Cross-Curricular Units of Study in both 7th and 8th grade
  • Research skills
  • Technology
  • Academic and Individualized Student Support Specifically for Gifted Learners

A Long Walk to Water - History/Language Arts

Thematic Unit

Project Examples: Novel Engineering


Novel - A Long Walk to Water

  • Story set in Sudan during the civil war.
  • Characters - Boy experiencing escape from war

Girl experiencing walking 8 miles a day to gather water for

Her family

  • Both character experience hardships and problems they need to overcome
  • Students keep a journal of the problems for each character
  • Students ENGINEER real-life solutions to the problems the characters face and use persuasion to have their peers vote for their product
  • Example of one solution (video)

A Long Walk to Water

Language Arts and History: Thematic Learning

Scholar Official Project

Language Arts and History: Thematic Learning

Math: Accelerated Pathways

KEY Academy Science!!!

In Key academy science classes, GATE identified students experience curriculum differentiated for both interest and aptitude, and have the opportunity to move at their own pace toward and beyond mastery through compacting and extension menus.

Studying Life where Life is found - OUTDOORS

Studying Life where Life is found - OUTDOORS


spectrum of instruction

Information Frame:

Knowing Facts

Sense-making Frame:

Figuring Out

Developed in part by integrating the US department of Fish and Wildlife’s Schoolyard Habitat Project, the National Environmental Education Foundation, and Project Based Learning University models, ESTEM curriculum shifts science education from the “Informational frame” to the “Sense-making frame,” and makes it fun!

ESTEM - Environmental Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math

Project-Based Learning

  • Controlled Experiments/Investigations in the School Garden
    • Research biotic/abiotic factors that affect plant growth
    • Develop hypotheses to predict the effect of manipulated variables on responding variables
    • Conduct Experiments; Gather/Analyze Data; Draw/Share Conclusions
  • Water-Wise Yard Hack
    • Use Google Apps, direct measurement, and area formulas to calculate square footage of yard at home; Apply flow rate/proportional reasoning to calculate current water usage
    • Research native/drought-tolerant plants for our region
    • Design planting and irrigation schematics; Graphically represent water savings over time and area
  • Schoolyard Habitat Project
    • Study Interdependent Relationships, Ecosystem Goods and Services, and effects of Habitat Loss on extinction rates
    • Define Problems; Propose Solutions; Consider Stakeholders; Compare Competing Design Solutions using web-based research, design, and presentation technologies
    • Engineer/Install Habitat Components for Wildlife on GOMS campus

Designing/Carrying Out Controlled Experiments

Science and Engineering Practices of the NGSS at work!

  • Asking Questions/Defining Problems
  • Developing & Using Models
  • Planning & Carrying Out Investigations
  • Mathematics/Computational Thinking
  • Constructing Explanations
  • Arguing from Evidence

Water-wise Yard Hack

Engineering and Implementing Water Conservation Plans for Home and School

Schoolyard Habitat Project

Students Collaboratively Research & Design Projects to Provide Components of Habitat for Native Plants and Animals

SHP Master Plan

Phase 3:

Native Species Demonstration Garden/

Outdoor Classroom

Phase 2:

Native Plant/Wildlife


Phase 4:

Thematic Xeriscaped Botanical Gardens

Phase 1:



Phase 3:

Native Species

Demonstration Garden/

Outdoor Classroom


  • Additional learning opportunities across all academic disciplines
  • Projects include
    • Extensive Training in Google Applications for Education
    • Digital Citizenship
    • Environmental Sciences
    • Engineering
    • Art / Music
    • Theater and Drama

Quest Academy 8th Grade

  • Quest continues differentiated instruction for GATE in 8th grade
  • Both Math 8 and Integrated I available
  • Physical Science with focus on engineering principles
  • Advanced Language Arts by application in Spring Semester 7th grade year.

We Make Learning Fun!

We Make Learning Fun!

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We Make Learning Fun!

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