Tools for updating and adding to base maps

Google Geo for Good User Summit 2014
October 23, 2014

Christiaan Adams
Developer Advocate, Google Earth Outreach

A little history...

In the beginning… (circa 2005)


Google Earth:

over 1B downloads

Google Maps:

over 1B users worldwide

Google Maps API:

on over 1M websites

Petabytes of Imagery

Global datasets

Beautiful new interfaces

Contributing Data

Contributing Map Data to Google

Have your own basemap data (GIS data)?

Google Maps Content Providers:

Business or organization information?

Google My Business:

For other data, contribute layers to the…

Google Maps Gallery:

Edit it yourself, with MapMaker

Editing the map yourself, with Google MapMaker

Google Map Maker:

  • Add & Edit basemap data only:
    • places, roads, turn restrictions,
      buildings, water bodies, etc.
  • Moderation & Trust Level
  • Basic Editing
  • Categories and other best practices
  • Importing Overlays for tracing

Map Maker timelapse videos

Updating Imagery

Updating Imagery


First Check Google Earth’s Historical Imagery tool… the best isn’t always on top!

Satellite Imagery providers:

  • Digital Globe (now includes GeoEye):
  • Airbus Defence & Space (was Astrium; Spot, Pleiades, etc.):

Google Resources:

  • Skybox
  • Crisis Aerial

Collect your own!

Balloons, Kites, Drones, etc!

Adding to Street View

Adding to Street View… many options


Google Maps Views & Photo Spheres

Business Photos

Trekker Loan Program

Thank you

G4G14: Tools for updating & adding to base maps - Google Slides