SSSL Coaches Meeting

March 2019


  • Game Management & Rules of Play
  • Administration
  • Sportsmanship

Interactive Polling

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Game Management

& Rules of Play

Process for Checking in

Every coach listed on your roster, up to a maximum of three (3) must be registered with Mass Youth Soccer and have a their MYSA Adult Credential with you and displayed while on the bench .

  • Minors who are working as coaches must have a coaches ID card signed by the SSSL Registrar Nancy Hart
  • Driver's Licenses will not be accepted as an ID for a game

Process for Checking in

Lastly, you must provide the referee with two (2) paper copies of your current photo roster before every game.

  • These must be printed in color
  • The same roster can be used all season unless you have player changes, or
  • If you have a suspended player. You MUST print a new game day roster showing the player(s) suspended. The roster with the suspended player will be provided to you by the league.

Player Pre-game Check-in

  • All players should have their shirts tucked in, and be wearing appropriate shin guards and cleats ready to be checked in at least 10 minutes before the scheduled kick-off time.
  • Referees will check the players against the roster you have given them and make sure their equipment is safe. They will also check for unallowed items (like jewelry and casts).
  • Each referee decides if equipment (braces, cleats, etc) are safe. It does not matter what a previous referee said, you cannot question his judgement in this area.

Player Pre-game Check-in

  • Proper matching uniforms must be worn by ALL players
    • Tape used to hold socks up or shin guards in place must be either transparent or the same color as the socks.
    • Undergarments that extend beyond a sleeve or shorts (like Under Armor or compression shorts) should be the same color as the sleeve or shorts/hem.
    • At a minimum, everyone on the team must wear the same color undergarments.

Substitutions (rule 10.3)

Enter and leave the field at midfield line

Unlimited number of substitutions at these stoppages:

    • Prior to a throw-ins if the team in possession of the ball is substituting
    • Prior to goal kicks
    • Prior to the kick-off to start of the second half
    • Prior to the kick-off after goals
    • Prior to re-starts after an injury stoppage

Grade 3/4 Off-side Modification

New in 2018

Offside will be called in situations where players are clearly offside.

Same as previous years

1) At the taking of a Goal Kick, all defending players must be no closer than the midfield line until the kick is taken by the offensive player.

2) A ball put into play by a Goal Kick or a Kick or Throw by the Goalkeeper must be touched by a player or hit the ground before it crosses the midfield line. A violation of this rule shall result in an Indirect Free Kick for the opponent at the point the ball crossed the midfield line

Grade 5/6 or Younger Heading Restriction

US Soccer has adopted the position to eliminate heading for all 11 year old and younger players. In order to be in compliance we have eliminated heading for all Gr 5/6 or younger games.

Dangerous play shall be considered but not limited to slide tackling, and heading or attempting to head the ball which will not be allowed. Any violation of this rule shall result in an indirect free kick for the opponent at the point of said violation. Simultaneous violations by both teams will result in a dropped ball.

Dealing with Injuries

  • #1 Rule - Safety First
  • Follow the US Youth Soccer guidelines Recognize to Recover (R2R)
  • Always let the parents know about a possible head injury and insist that the child see a healthcare professional
  • Removal from a game due to a possible head injury means the player is done until cleared by a healthcare professional

2018 Rule Modifications

  • Expanded Rosters for Grade 7/8 and older
    • Teams can now have 22 players on the roster, however, only 18 are allowed to participate in a game. Non-participating players cannot be on the bench and must be crossed off the roster for that game.

Player Pass

A town is allowed to use a Player pass to temporarily promote up to 5 players from up to two teams (“providing team”) in a lower division or the next (immediately younger) age group to fill rosters spots on a team (“receiving team”) that would otherwise not have a full roster for a particular game. The players using the Player pass must all be part of the same providing teams and receive permission from the providing team coach. Players may not miss any part of a Providing Team’s game to use Player Pass with a Receiving Team. During the team check in, the receiving team coach must have and provide 2 color copies of both the receiving team’s regular photo roster and the photo roster signed by the coach for the providing team(s) that the Player pass players appear on.

Player Pass

a) Player pass players may not be added to a match after the match has begun.

b) Cross gender movement is not allowed with a Player pass unless the receiving team is already a co-ed team playing in a boys division.

c) Any player rostered on a team in an MTOC eligible division is not allowed to use a Player pass to play on a non-MTOC eligible team.

d) Player pass use is not allowed in the playoffs or MTOC.

e) Player pass players who are red carded are automatically suspended from playing in any SSSL game for 8 days. This may be appealed if the player’s primary team is scheduled to play multiple games within the week.

f) A player pass player cannot be used to replace a suspended player roster slot on the game day roster.


Age Group Administrator

If you have questions or concerns contact your Age Group Administrator. Names and contact info are on the SSSL Contacts page of the website.

  • Terry Carter Gr 3/4 Administrator
  • Noel Soccorso Gr 5-8 Boys Administrator
  • Helen Iannone Gr 5-8 Girls Administrator
  • Fred Anzivino Gr 9+ Boys Administrator
  • Haresh Daryanani Gr 9+ Girls Administrator

Rescheduling games (Grade 5 and older)

  • Reschedule form is available on the website Games Schedules page
    • The new date and location must be agreed to by both teams before submitting the form
    • The $10 deadline is March 20 (postmark), $50 after
    • Each team can only initiate a maximum of 3 games
  • Rescheduling games after the season begins (referred to as Make-up games)
    • You must schedule the make-up game within two weeks of the postponement, there is a $50 fine if not rescheduled within that time frame.
    • Make sure your field scheduler and referee assignor are aware of the new date and/or location.
  • If agreement cannot be reached between the coaches, involve your Town President and Age Group Admin (follow rule 5.1)

Field Closings (rule 6)

  • SSSL Website has a page specifically for Field Closings
  • Coaches cannot cancel a game, only designated contacts from each town can close a field.
  • If a referee determines a field is not playable, then that field is closed for the rest of that day.

Scores, Standings, Playoffs

  • We use SportsPilot for game schedules, results, and standings.
    • After week 4 we will post information on the number of teams from each division that will make the playoffs.
    • Results and standings are not posted for Grade 3/4, however, we do track that information to help us with any realignment.
  • As the season winds down more pertinent play-off info will be posted to the website.

Using the Quick Club app

  • - has links to login and download the mobile app
  • - is the online quickclub app

You must sign-up prior to linking to your team

  • When you sign up you must use the email address the league has onfile for you. Check the SSSL Website> Coaches Corner> 2019 SPRING Coach & Schedule List to verify your contact info.

Link to your team by going to your team’s schedule on the SSSL website, then click the link

Using the Quick Club app for Game Scores

The head coach of the home team is responsible for posting the game score after each game. You must post it on the same day as the game.

Visiting coach is responsible to check the score for accuracy the day after the game.

  • If there is an error, report that to your town score reporter and your SSSL Age Group Admin.

You can use Quick club for a number of other things like communicating with your team. Take time to check out the app before the season.

Use the SSSL Website - Especially the Coaches Corner

  • Give us feeback
    • Please let us know how the referees did for your game, especially if they were exceptionally good or bad.
    • We have a feedback form in the Coaches Corner of the SSSL website
  • Coaches FAQ on the Coach’s Corner page
  • Quick Club cheat sheet
  • Coach contact list
  • Links to additional training from USYSA
  • Links to the CDC's training on recognizing and dealing with concussions
  • How to report serious injuries, use the form on the coaches corner and email it to the SSSL Medical Director.

Roster Reminder

Remember, you must provide the referee with two (2) paper color copies of your current photo roster before every game.

  • If you have a suspended player. You MUST print a new game day roster showing the player(s) suspended.



SSSL Promotes Good Sportsmanship for All

Good sportsmanship is when teammates, opponents, coaches, and officials treat each other with respect. Kids learn the basics of sportsmanship from the adults in their lives, especially their parents and their coaches. Kids who see adults behaving in a sportsmanlike way gradually come to understand that the real winners in sports are those who know how to persevere and to behave with dignity — whether they win or lose a game. In support of this mission we have adopted a Zero Tolerance Policy for all league participants.

Zero Tolerance Policy

No one is to address the referee during the Game!! This includes audible comments questioning calls and /or abusive or defaming comments.

When is it OK to address the referees?

  • Pointing out emergencies or safety issues
  • When trying to make substitutions
  • At half time or at the end of game
  • Responding to a referee initiating communication

Running up the Score

  • We strongly discourage teams from running up the score.
  • If you are dominating a game and you have built a 5 goal lead consider some of the following:
    • Remove a player
    • Only shoot with the weaker leg/foot
    • Only shoot from outside the penalty area
    • Only score from a headed ball (except Grades 3-6)


  • The SSSL is constantly looking for additional referees, if you have worked with kids from your in town program that may be ready for travel soccer please contact Paul or Dennis
  • SSSL Referee Mentoring program
    • There may be additional adults observing the game
    • The mentor is there for the referee, it is inappropriate to ask the mentor about a call
    • Direct questions about the mentor program to the mentor coordinator Noel Soccorso

Young Players and Referees

  • The younger the age group the more likely it is that you will have young referees.
  • Just like your players, they are learning and need time to get better.
  • The attitude you project toward the referees with be reflected in the way your players and parents interact with the referees.
  • PLEASE have everyone affiliated with your team watch the "Attitudes are Contagious" video on the SSSL website (links on the Home page and Coaches Corner)

Attitudes are Contagious

Carding of coaches

  • Referees can show coaches a yellow card for dissent
  • A second yellow or straight red card ejection can also be given to a coach.
  • If you are the only coach on the bench when ejected, the game is terminated and the SSSL board will rule on the result.
  • If a coach is ejected, there is an automatic three (3) game suspension, pending a mandatory disciplinary hearing with the SSSL Executive Board. The board may elect to lessen or increase the penalty based on the facts of the incident and a coaches prior history.

Friendship Games, May 4 & 5 in Raynham

  • These games are designed for the kids to get to know players from other towns and have fun. There is no tournament champion.
  • For each game the two teams will split their players evenly and the assistant coach and 1/2 the players will swap teams.
    • You will need to bring pinnies

Thank you for volunteering

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