Social Media Strategy Template

Your tool for crafting your company’s social strategy

in 5 steps

A social media strategy will help you stay focused on your objectives and will allow other team members to participate in execution. This template will guide your through the steps of developing your social media strategy, providing helpful tips along the way.

For more information, reference our Social Media Strategy Guide.

How to Use This Template

  • Establish S.M.A.R.T. social media goals
  • Audit your social media presence
  • Develop a content strategy
  • Measure your progress
  • Refine your strategy

Table of Contents

Aligning Social Media Goals to Business Goals

Business Goals

Brand Awareness

Thought Leadership

Word of Mouth



Social Goals



Shares, Likes, Retweets



Establish S.M.A.R.T. Social
Media Goals

  • Make your goals specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound
  • Avoid goals that focus on vanity metrics such as followers
  • Align social media goals with department goals for sales, marketing, productivity, etc.

Pro Tips

Input your social media goals on the next slide

[Your Company’s] Social Media Goals

My social media goals are:

  • Goal No. 1:

  • Goal No. 2:

  • Goal No. 3:

Audit Your Social Media Presence

Inventory all profiles representing your company on the next slide

  • Search and note all official and unofficial accounts representing your company including fan pages, rogue employee accounts, and poser accounts

Pro Tip

Audit of [Your Company’s] Social
Media Presence

Social Media Channel



Last Activity Date


Survey Your Target Audience

Tally results about your audience on the next slide

  • Distribute audience surveys in-store, via email, and on social media
  • Consider offering an incentive for completion of the survey, like a discount

Pro Tips

Survey of [Your Company’s] Target Audience

# of Respondents

Average Age

% Male

% Female

% on Facebook

% on


% on LinkedIn

% on Other

Know Your Competition

Investigate what the competition is doing on social media and track observations on the next slide

  • Compare your competitors’ social footprint and content against your own
  • Look at what type of content they are creating, how often they are sharing it, and what influencers they are interacting with

Pro Tips

Know Your Competition


Social Media Channels



Content That


Take Action Post Audit

Make recommendations to optimize your company’s social media presence on the next slide

  • Report fake, rogue, and imposter accounts
  • Delete accounts that are overrun with spam

Pro Tips

Social Audit Learnings

  • I will consider consolidating the following accounts to simplify our social presence:

  • The gaps in our social presence based on audience survey and competitor analysis are:

  • Key takeaways learned from competition that I can apply to our company are:

Develop Your Content Strategy

Determine content mix and posting cadence on the next two slides

  • Use the social media content rule of thirds:
    • ⅓ of content promotes business and converts audience
    • ⅓ of content shares ideas and stories from thought leaders
    • ⅓ is original brand content
  • Download our editorial calendar template and social media content calendar template to assist your planning HERE

Pro Tips

  • The type of original content that we will create and post is:

  • The type of content we will share is:

  • We will post to the following channels this frequently:

X channel / X times a day

Develop [Your Company’s] Content Strategy

4. The different audiences that we need to tailor content to are:

5. My editorial calendar that maps out our content release schedule

is here: Add Link

6. My social media content calendar that maps out our promotion

plan is here: Add Link

Develop [Your Company’s] Content Strategy

Measure Your Progress

Use analytics tools to see how your content is performing and track it

on the next slide

  • Align your analytics with your goals
  • Use the following tools: Hootsuite Analytics and Google Analytics

Pro Tips

[Your Company’s] Progress

Social Media Channel

Top Performing Content

Lowest Performing Content



Refine Your Strategy

Answer the questions and complete the statements on the next two slides to optimize your strategy

[Your Company’s] Learnings

  • What worked well?

  • What didn’t work well?

[Your Company’s] Learnings

3. Our new goals for the next period/quarter are:

Goal No. 1:

Goal No. 2:

Goal No. 3:

4. Changes we will make to our strategy based on learnings are:

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