Building Our Connections

Jeana James - Washington County School District - Horizon Elementary

Human Connection Provides Reassurance that

“We’ll Be Okay”

Despite Tough Times

Connection Gives us Deep-Seated Security that Convinces Us

We Can Take Chances

Put Ourselves Out There

Connection to Others Tells Us,

“We Can Get Through this Together.”

We Support Others During Their Troubles, which Helps Us Realize We have a Place to Turn when We Need Their Support

Human Connection Allows Us the Luxury of Being Weak at Times and Letting Others Care for Us While We Re-energize

During Times of Crisis We Turn to People with whom We Share Our Deepest Connections to Regroup and Remind Ourselves that we’re part of a Family or Community, and that Our Purpose in Life Remains Intact

Connection is not just about getting through tough times

It is of Far More Value to Us

Connection lets us experience a higher level of Security, Joy, & Peace

It Gives Us a Foundation or Base that is

Comforting and Solid

This firm base give us the ability to reach our Full Potential


an important ingredient in making human connection

Empathy Isn’t Sympathy or Feeling Sorry for Someone

It is About Trying to Imagine what a Situation Feels like from Another Person’s Perspective

Connection is about

Not Judging before thinking about what it would be like to stand in someone else’s Shoes


is Another Important Ingredient in Making Human Connections

Truly Valuing Relationships

is Another Ingredient in Human Connections

Widening Your Circle

Outside the Nuclear Family it is Important that We also have connections with Friends, Relatives, Neighbors, Work Colleagues, Community, & the World

What gets in the way of building & sustaining connections?

Connections are Powerful and a Necessary Ingredient for our Resilience

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