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Hurae is a hybrid creative agency and was founded in 2017.

The goal was to do innovative, out of the box projects with a strong digital feel.

That’s exactly what we have been doing.

We made a few slides with a selection of our work.


Smile Safari

The Jamies

Hurae & Filmfestival Oostende present De Jamies, the Flemish online video awards.

We want to put the spotlight on the creative pool of online talent in Flanders.

Welcome to Smile Safari, the biggest Instagram and TikTok museum in Europe. Not just any museum, but an adventure along optical illusions, pink palm trees, rainbows and so much more. We have museums and experiences in Brussels, Lille (Fr) and Wijnegem. A collaboration of Hurae and brand activation agency CityCubes.


For radio station MNM we created this big shout out to and in support of the LGBTQIA+ community.

It sure makes Antwerp a more colorful place. Love is love, no matter what.


The radio channel relaunched its morning show with new hosts Kawtar and Keyaert. And we provided the exhilarating launch campaign on TV, radio, print, online, outdoor and cinema. Phew!

Get out there

Hurae is the lead agency to promote tourism in the province of East Flanders. For Routen (the brand to promote walk & cycle routes) we came up with a new strategy & baseline. And we enjoy creating loads of content: social media campaigns, radio commercials (radio v1, radio v2, radio v3), videos, print, posters, outdoor, specialised routes…



While creating campaigns with adds, billboards, meet & greet, influencer videos etc. we also enjoyed it to blow up stuff at the experience center in Mechelen.

We help the federation of the Belgian financial sector with several issues. Such as, earning money fast is an illusion. Many youngsters get lured into becoming a ‘money mule’. Recently we created a video series with Kamal Kharmach and Christopher Callice to inform about investing.

“Word hofleverancier van het Rubenshuis. To plant the new museum garden, Rubenshuis is counting on ‘hofleveranciers’ to make the garden grow and flourish. Everyone can help. Hurae created a website, posters, social media campaign and OOH material, among other things.


Zeemoji / Seamoji



For battlekart, we handle PR and influencer relations. Next to that, we regularly schedule strategic sessions to improve the overall communication of the brand, marketing strategy, online and out of home campaigns…

Tailor-made influencer marketing using our immense database of ambassadors we know personally via our initiatives like Smile Safari & The Jamies.

Klarna, Knokke-Heist, Eastpak & Technopolis are a few of the clients we helped with influencers, concepts and productions.

The beach poles at Ostend could use an upgrade, so we thought of the Zeemoji. With emoji, e.g. the smiling poo. Fewer kids got lost compared to previous years.



For Knokke-Heist we created a series of photos to create awareness for their dress code. Incl. PR, outdoor posters, social posts, influencers…

Next to that, we teamed up to let you discover the seaside town and its surroundings in a new way. With our routes based on Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn and Snapchat, you’re able to walk or ride the bike to instagrammable locations, spots to do TikTok challenges at and points of interest for entrepreneurs.

MAS in Young Hands

Music video for

Black Box Revelation

In close collaboration with Qmusic, we made a cheery video introducing all the faces behind the microphones and some recognisable faces fan of the radio station.

During the recording of the music video for Tattooed Smiles by rock band Black Box Revelation, people got permanent tattoos which were part of the video as sequenced animations. One of our ideas that last a lifetime.

Hurae relaunched the youth program of MAS with a targeted question: what belongs in a museum according to you, youngsters? A striking promo video, influencers and an artist in residence were our own answer.

Qmusic welcomes

you home!

There’s more where that came from... We are a very versatile creative agency and have been working for MAS, Museum Plantin-Moretus, Technopolis, Toerisme Oostende, Decathlon, Eastpak, Engie, Febelfin, Axians, Unilin, Stad Kortrijk, Toerisme Oost-Vlaanderen, VRT, Unicef, Rode Kruis and many more...

“Their natural born curiosity and sense of experiment makes Hurae highly skilled in reaching Generation Z via networks like TikTok, Snapchat, YouTube and Twitch and of course influencer marketing.”

Get to know us via our Facebook Group Hurae Shares and our newsletters about TikTok, virtual influencers and anything digital & social. Or follow us on Instagram.

The H-Team

Our team used to work for media companies, ad agencies, book publishers, music and film industry; and trainees that were just too good to let go. Today we combine our creativity, experience and knowledge at Hurae, as some would call it: your future agency.

We are always on the look for new talent and interns to add to our team. Ask us!

The coolest part of our team? We all have side projects. And that’s the way we like it!

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