How to Take Your Friends From DRAB to FAB

Presented by Carmen Higgins, Becky Spratford and Nikki Zimmermann for ILA 2014

Who Are We and Why Are We Here?

Carmen Higgins, Outreach Coordinator, Westmont Public Library--

Nikki Zimmermann, Marketing and PR Coordinator, La Grange Public Library--

Becky Spratford, Friends Liaison, Berwyn Public Library--

Does Your Group Look Like This?

Does your group look like this, wobbly, unstable and distressed in need of being redone, refurbished or restored?

Step 1: Solidify Your Foundation

Step 2: Create A Blueprint

Step 3: Enjoy What You’ve Built

What’s funded?

Think of this next discussion like the Fashion Police. What does the FOL fund at your library?

Are things getting stale?

Are you funding things that are getting stale?

Are you reflecting your style?

How does what you request for funding reflect on your style/attitude? Do you appear out of date?

Comfort zones

Is it the same tired old thing? We all have our comfort zones and by definition keep going back to the same old thing.

Try Something New!

Break out of that comfort zone and try something new! Choose things that speak to your library’s values: innovation? technology? green initiatives?

Trendsetter or shopaholic?

How often do funding requests occur at your library?

Funding Requests: How often is too often?

Change your wardrobe…but don’t break the bank (i.e.How often is too often?) Are you freshening your look with the seasons, or are you trying to be too trendy and shopping every week?

Funding Requests: Get more bang for your buck.

Would reducing the number of times you make requests be less stressful on both the staff and the FOL?

How’s the fit?

Is it flattering?

Is it flattering?

Show Off Your Assets!

Does it show off your assets?

Who Are You?

Does it reflect the image you want to portray?

Strut Your Stuff

Tell Everyone How Fab You Are

  • Communication
    • with members
    • with library users
    • with larger community
  • Renovate Friends of the Library Week: October 19-25, 2014

Get a Logo and a Slogan...

...and work it!

FRIENDS Make It Happen!

Spice Up Your Friends Events

  • Reinforce the message that you are Fab by acting the part:
    • Behind the Scenes Book Sale
    • Join the cool kids...Soon to Be Famous
    • Guilty pleasures
    • Pub Trivia
  • Don’t even know where to begin? Host a program about a renovation to set the tone.
  • Have a sense of Humor

get a pic of myra harlequin cover

Fab Resources

Join us in a new resource...

  • Don’t stop the conversation… We started an online forum to keep the fab flowing:
  • Let’s kick it off now
    • Questions?
    • Share your fab

Friends Drab to Fab ILA 2014 - Google Slides