Bullying & Discrimination toward LGBT youth in schools

Patrice Ford, Niante Ricks, Stephany Gonzales, Hasan Hart

What does it mean to be bullied?

Personal Stories…


  • New Orleans schools need to create programs that focus on bullying and discrimination
  • There are laws that exist that prevent teachers from speaking out on discrimination towards LGBT youth in schools



Girls > Boys


Almost 80%


90% & 36%

Supporters & Opponents


  • LA Governor Bobby Jindal opposes rights for LGBTQ identifiers.
  • Some religious groups - Louisiana is a very conservative state


  • GLSEN, organization created to bring equality between Straight and Gay youth, and create a bigger support system.
  • Dan Savage and Terry Miller, authors of the book It Gets Better


Alternative Policies

  • Require schools to have anti-bullying courses
  • Create a Rewards Systems for students and teachers who are stepping up against bullying
  • Petition state legislature to improve anti-bullying laws and remove “No Promo Homo” laws.

Solutions Part 1

We need the Louisiana State Legislature to reconsider the “No Promo Homo” laws so teachers will be able to advocate for LGBTQ youth.

(RS 17:281, Sexual Health and Identity)

Solutions Part 2

We want to address Patrick Dobard, Superintendent of RSD, to require schools have a plan for bullying and discrimination towards LGBT youth to make students feel more safe on campus.


  • every school has a specific anti-bullying plan;
  • specific lessons on LGBT bullying;
  • create safe spaces or Gay-Straight Alliance organizations

What is the importance of our topic?

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