__ Party Path


Angus’ Proposed path

Party’s location

Renault Farm

Bokken’s Hut


Spider Prairie



Benzen Farm

Silver Mine/ Sootscale Tunnels

Radish Patch

Old Sycamore

Mysterious Stones

Nettle’s Crossing

Heibarr- Old Fort?

Rickety Bridge

River Ford

Trail continued on Slide 2

Bandit Camp

Bandit’s trail

Common Sense’s Proposed path

Riskier Proposed path

Trail continued on Slide 2

Thorn River Camp /Ancient Roadway/Ford

Old Bear Cave/

Temple of the Elk

Alia’s Map Locale

Furthest point of exploration outlined in the first charter

Mivon (the city) sits about here


= Party’s location

Camp Drelev

Bandit Fort

Oleg’s Outpost

These were the paths that were discussed previously.

The white path goes through a lot of rough unknown territory.

The red path (Makdoon’s path) skirts the swamp, keeps to the plains with a stop over at trading camp off Lake Hooktongue.

The green path starts at that trading post and then becomes a raft ride that navigates the swamp and Sellen River and its tributaries.

Oleg’s Outpost

Bandit Fort

Castle Vsevolod

A slightly better map(ish).

Party arrived from this direction.

The Spotted Wolf

Mivon Castle

Durgan, Illthir, Numalar, Serena

Alia, Scarlet, Zokon

Camp Drelev

= Party’s location

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