Responsibility to Others

Jeana James - Washington County School District - Horizon Elementary

Today we will be discussing what our responsibility to other is? What do you think?

The Prince and the Rhinoceros

We are going to start with a story - “The Prince and the Rhinoceros”

Once upon a time in India, a rare rhinoceros was born, with skin so beautiful it almost glowed. The rhinoceros was given to a noble prince who was very lonely and whose kingdom was poor. The prince was so delighted with the unusual gift that he laughed joyfully. So he named the little calf Great Joy.

The prince treated the rhino with great kindness. He fed her rice, fruit and choice tender plants, and he always spoke in a kind and gentle voice. Great Joy grew and was happy.

The prince thought Great Joy was quite beautiful. At sunrise she would be a canvas of pink and red and orange, and later the dark blue of evening. Sometimes after a rain, she would reflect everything around her. She seemed almost enchanted. “You are wonderful and special to me,” the prince whispered softly.

In time, Great Joy grew into an enormous rhino. She was very strong.

One day she thought about her good life with the prince and what she could give him in return. “I am only a rhino, but I can use my strength to help him earn gold for his kingdom.” She suggested to the prince that she compete in a contest of strength against the town’s strongest bulls.

A rich merchant with many fine oxen agreed to the wager: Great Joy would pull a hundred loaded wagons usually towed by his team of eight oxen. The bet was one thousand gold pieces.

The next day, the prince inspected the wagons and harnessed Great Joy to the front. Then he climbed onto the driver’s seat. Great Joy waited for a few kind words of encouragement before starting. Instead, the prince, thinking only of the gold, waved a whip in the air and shouted, “Pull, you big wretch. Move, you worthless rhino.” Great Joy was shocked at her beloved prince’s words. Wretch? Worthless? “I’m not wretch,” she thought. “I’m not worthless, either.” She stiffened her huge legs and refused to move an inch.

Humiliated, the prince ran home and his in his royal bed. “I’m ruined,” he cried. Great Joy was filled with pain and sorrow. She needed to understand what she had done to deserve such cruel insults. After many days and nights without food or sleep, she went to the prince’s palace, which had grown shabby due to his impoverished state. “Oh Prince, in all our years together, have I ever done anything to hurt you?” “No, Never.” “Then why did you say those terrible things to me? Was the thought of gold worth more than what I can offer?” The prince hung his head. Tears ran down his face. “The gold distracted me. I forgot the importance of our friendship. I am so ashamed.” “Then we will try again,” Great Joy said. “Go back to the merchant and double your bet.”

Again the carts were loaded, and Great Joy was harnessed to the front. The prince climbed up and sang out, “All right, you marvelous marvel, you splendid rhino, my Great Joy. It’s up to you!”

The powerful rhino snorted, pawed the ground and charged forward. Her sides heaved as she pulled, until the last cart crossed the finish line. The townspeople cheered wildly as they covered her with garlands of flowers and strands of tinkling bells.

The prince collected his two thousand pieces of gold, then humbly thanked Great Joy of a job well done. That very evening, the prince and the rhino walked along the river in the red glow of sunset. “I didn’t mean to say such hurtful words to you,” the prince whispered. “Please forgive me.” “I already have,” said Great Joy. And that’s how they lived forever after – in friendship and great joy. Never again did an unkind word pass between them. (discuss the story)

Be Respectful of Others

This is Always Responsible

We should ALWAYS be respectful of others - no matter the circumstances. Being respectful is being responsible.

Be a Good Example

We have the Responsibility


Lead Others down

good paths

We are absolutely responsible to lead others down good paths. Not only are we responsible to make good choices, we are also responsible to encourage others to do good things and make good choices.

We also have the Responsibility to

Not Follow Bad Examples

This doesn’t Help Them or Us

We must also remember, it is not responsible when we follow bad examples. Copying or following someone who is doing something that is not right does not help them, or you, or anyone. Many problems could be avoided by others standing against things that are wrong.

When We are Responsible When We Treat Others the Way We Want to be Treated *Golden Rule

With Kindness & Respect

Following the Golden Rule is responsible. When we treat others the way we want to be treated, we won’t make mistakes because we always know how we would want to be treated.

Be a Good Friend

This Brings Happiness to You & Others

Be good to others. You can’t have too many friends, they are valuable in our life and bring us a lot of happiness. Being a good friend is responsible.

We are Responsible When We are Bringing Out the Best in Others

It is responsible to hope for the best in others and to be happy for their successes. We always want others to be better because they know us and are around us. We should do all we can to be our best and encourage others to be their best.

Speak Kind Words

Receive Kind Echoes

I think we sometimes forget - what we give and put out - is what we receive back. When we are respectful and kind, that is usually what we get back from others. When we are mean and disrespectful, that is usually what we get back from others. Really think about what you are giving to others.

Building Others Builds Us!!!

When we are mean and tear others people down, it tears us down. When we are building and helping others, it builds us. How do you really feel inside when you are being mean or tearing others down? How do you feel when you are building others and doing good things?

We are Responsible to Help & Protect Each Other

We’ve talked a lot about bullying. We know that bullying is not responsible behavior. Bullying hurts and can be very detrimental to the victim, the bullying and the bystanders. It can have long lasting effects on everyone involved. Bullying is something we all need to fight against. This includes cyberbullying. Do you know what that is?

If you encounter cyberbullying


When you respond - you give the cyberbully the POWER

Tell an Adult!

Talk about this - it is a growing problem. What does it mean to cyberbully? Why do you think people cyberbully? Why do you think people think it is okay? Teach them - if they wouldn’t say it to the person face - they should never put it on social media. It is responsible to be appropriate on all social media. There are far too many problems - we all need to take a stand against it!

Do the Right Thing When You are the

Bystander*The Person With the Power

Help Don’t Hurt!!!

Always remember that research has proven that the person with the power is the bystander. Do your part to stop bullying from happening. All kinds of bullying. Never stand by and just ignore it or do nothing. That is not responsible.

We are being Responsible when We

Cooperate with Others

I love this picture! Look how these dogs are working together!

Cooperation Means to Work with Others

Making an Effort to Do Something Together

Doing Our Part!

Cooperation is responsible. It makes our life and others better. We can do amazing things when we work with others.

Cooperation Lets Us Accomplish Things We Can’t do Alone

We Need Others - They Need Us

We are Responsible when We are Serving Others

Take every opportunity to serve and help others. Research shows that serving others actually helps you more as a person than the person you are serving. It builds strength, character, compassion, empathy, skills…..

Connecting to Others is

Responsible & Respectful

It also Builds Our Resilience!!!

Connecting and making healthy attachments in our life is powerful! Again, we need others. It makes us better, stronger, more happy and confident people.

Connection to Others Gives Us Security

Connection to Others Gives us security - Because we have others we can depend on. We have people who love us and will help us. Connections are stakes (like around the competence tree) that support us.

Connecting to Others

Brings Good Things to Our Life

It makes us happy and strong.

We are Responsible to Help Others Be the Best They Can Be

To Lift & Build

Here is your poster! I love the gold in the picture because it reminds us the importance of the golden rule. Gold is also valuable as are others in our life. We need each other, we want to help each other become the best we can be.

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