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Emily Meisel

Hudson High School


“You know you’re a teacher when you bring your bag home each night full of papers to grade, but fall asleep and never get to it, then do the same thing the next night.”


Exporting Grades

Polling In Classroom

Google Forms (App)

Click here for a link to Google forms!

Have a quiz in Word

or Docs already?

Upload it as a Google doc (if not already), and then use Doc to Forms to make it a Google Form.

Flubaroo (Add-On)

Click here for a link to Flubaroo User’s Guide!

Autocrat (Add-on)

Click here for an Autocrat tutorial video!

Google Docs Preferences

Take it one step further by

changing from Editing mode

to Suggesting mode. Any

preference comments will then show up in a different color and appear in a suggestion box in the right margin.



Rubric Add-Ons

Once you get the

add-on (for FREE!!!)

and register to use

it, you will get an email with links to amazing videos to guide you through the process. I love, love, love this one!!!

Verbal Feedback

Click here for a link to Kaizena’s blog!

Tab Resize (extension)

Use Tab Resize to have a

Student paper from

Classroom open on one

side of your screen and a Google Forms rubric open on the other. Then your comments / scores / etc. will be conveniently saved for you in a Google Sheet. When finished, use Autocrat to quickly send feedback and grades to your students.

Video (Drive App)

This can be linked

with Drive and then

used to grade pre-recorded student presentations which the student has uploaded to YouTube.

Students can use

Screencastify to

record presentations from monitors and then upload to YouTube for teacher to then grade with


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