Build community,
foster connectedness, and
use my skills to make a better world.


Make a measurable positive difference

~ through my knowledge, ideas, & talents

~ to serve the world’s highest needs

~ with a focus on justice, education, safety, health, sustainability, and wellbeing


Create safe and nurturing communities that

  • celebrate differences
  • seek unity within diversity
  • cultivate strength
  • focus on health and wellbeing.

Guiding Values - 4 C's

Communication, compassion,

collaboration, & courage. (portfolio) (resume)

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This document:

Leading Digital Platform Development

  • Directs, builds, and advises teams, with a leadership focus on equity, innovation and impact, health, education, & wellbeing for all.
  • Identifies a clear understanding of issues to be addressed, with desired functionality → converts to a realistic, effective plan & roadmap to buildout
  • Best situation:
    Working alongside client/customer to identify how to make the most impact
    functional specifications
    Data architecture
    Systems & processes
    Breaking down complex situations into manageable pieces
    Agile, focused teams (5-8)
  • Worst situation:
    Rote maintenance activities
    Lack of strategy/direction
    Unclear objectives
    No measurement of outcomes
    Shifting priorities

Technology highlights

Coder ~ Developer ~ Problem-solver

2019 - Lullabot Technical Project Manager

2016-2019: Director of Digital Products, Green America -
redesign for 8000 pages into Drupal 8 / Green Business Network / Center for Sustainability Solutions

2015-2018: Lead Software Engineer, GIST Network - for Global Entrepreneurship Network, project for United States Dept of State - redesign

2014-2015: Product Team Lead, Ashoka Changemakers - redesign

2004-2014: 10K Webesign consulting: web developer for municipalities, universities, associations, startups, e-commerce

2001-2003: Policy Analyst , for San Francisco Department. of Children, Youth, & Families Evaluation of 103 youth-serving organizations

1999-2000: Team Lead, Odyssey World Trek Service & Education 18 months

1998-1999: Multimedia Engineer - Braille Music Software

B.S. - Ag & Bio Engineering, Cornell University

Learned BASIC ~ 9 years old

Technology highlights

Building a Culture of Diversity and Inclusion

Develop Good Data Practice


Sites for a variety of clients
View full list 2004 - present

1st client: Laser Professionals Inc. (acquired)



Public Agencies

Personal Projects


Membership Organizations





It is difficult to say what is impossible, for the dream of yesterday is the hope of today and the reality of tomorrow.

  • Robert H. Goddard

Startup involvement:

  • 2017 Faculty, NTEN (instructor for Nonprofit Technology Professional Certificate)
  • 2017 DC StartupWeek, Advisor (DC-based entrepreneurial week)
  • 2016 Founder, #MakingaPositiveDifference (inspiration for dreamers/doers)
  • 2015 Editor, Women in Social Enterprise (women of #socent)
  • 2015 Editor, Female Founders (serving female founders)
  • 2014 Founder, STEM Daisies (increase awareness of women in STEM)
  • 2014 Product Manager, Chexout (healthcare information technology for test results)
  • 2014 Advisor, (community of neighbors)
  • 2013 Co-Founder, Power We Share (connected businesses to 800K local charities collected via IRS list)
  • 2012 Co-Founder, The Greater Equator (online marketplace of green products)
  • 2011 Co-Founder, (marketplace for French certified artisan products)
  • 2010 Co-Founder, Gramercy & Co (home accessories and fashion)
  • 2010 Editor, Green Business Women (directory & consulting)
  • 2006 Founder, A Successful Woman (membership group, sold 2012)
  • 2004 Co-Founder, 10K Webdesign (web development consulting)

MMS Mission, Goddard Space Center, by Monica S. Flores



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