School Wide Expectations


Why a binder?

  • Able to find assignments quickly to earn credit
  • You have organized notes and resources for each class for easy reference
  • On-time to class (you don’t need to stop by your locker until lunch time)
  • Practice organization for future school/career success

What should be in your binder?

  • Agenda/Planner
  • Supply Pouch with: Pencils/pens/highlighter/
  • Notebooks
  • Labeled section dividers for each class
  • Lined paper

Binder No No’s

  • Multiple Binders...Too hard to keep track of. Students end up with the wrong binder in class or at home
  • Zip Binders…. Too easy to stuff papers in.
  • Folders for all of your classes...Too tempting to not put papers in the rings.
  • Loose papers

Ask students to identify

Go through with students what we don’t allow at South and why.

We have a pretty good supply of binders if students need to switch out. See Mrs. Southern or Mrs. Campbell

Buddy check...

  • Does your buddy have a section for each class?
  • Are there any loose papers in pockets (not in class sections?)
  • Is the Agenda/Planner hooked in the front of the binder?

Here are some additional quick binder check ideas:

Ask students what they think is important when looking at a binder.

School Wide


Calendar in Planner/Agenda or Electronic Device

Every teacher will...

  • break down large projects into manageable chunks posted on calendar
  • list upcoming due dates on calendar
  • list quizzes and tests on calendar

Explain to students how you will help them learn to use their agenda/planner in your classroom.

Show students your classroom calendar and where you have done the above 3 items

Every student will...

  • enter due dates into agenda/calendar


We know we can’t make them do this but we will provide time in class and provide strong encouragement in the form of such things as...we will wait until everyone has this done, class incentives…

Next slide review the why

Organize your time and prioritize your studies!

  • No excuses! No more, “I forgot…”
  • Looking ahead and planning your time will improve your grades.
  • Learn what works best for you!
    • Written agenda?
    • Phone, chromebook?
    • Both???

Update your personal agenda or calendar by checking your teachers’ calendars.

  • Bookmark your teachers’ class websites.
  • Make sure your agenda or calendar shows important assignments, due dates and quizzes and tests.
  • Check the SJH website and update your agenda or calendar with sports events, dances, free dress days and school holidays.

Which will you use?

The only wrong option is to not use one at all.

Have students commit to which form of a calendar they will use. Keep track of who is using which one.

Have students enter into their calendar important dates from your class.

School Wide


Grade Checks

Once a week during before third period in reading teacher will have students check grades. The expectation is to help students who need the extra TLC and planning to stay on top of grades.

Why check grades?

Brainstorm the benefits of checking grades.

Have students brainstorm why checking grades would be benefited.

Some possible answers:

How do I check my grades?

How do I log in?

Graduation year and

Initials and 6-digit birthday: FL######

What am I looking for?

  • Overall grade (A, B, C…)
  • Click into Detail to find missing assignments

What if I have a missing assignment/s?

  • Write it down
  • Do it
  • Turn it in

Third period teachers will help students will write missing assignments in their planners and help them develop a plan to address the missing assignments.

C-Core Average, understanding and retakes/redos

How do I know my teachers retake/redo policy?

Explain the Boise District retake policy:Here is the link to the District policy.

Accurately assessing a student's knowledge of a subject or skill is the cornerstone to any and all grading policy. We want grading to be a reflective and teachable practice, not punitive and discouraging to students. Current board policies that align with this philosophy are:

"Don't punish irresponsibility- it doesn't teach students how to be responsible." Schimmer (p.5)

Why good grades...

Good Grades Can Lead to Scholarships

Good Grades Lead to Fun Opportunities

Good Grades Open the Door to Future Opportunities

Good Grades May Lead to a Better Social Life

Good Grades Can Boost Confidence

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