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Why you want to partner with Biotouch

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Promoting and marketing yourself as a Permanent Makeup professional on social media is a difficult and costly endeavor.

You’ll often find yourself going down a rabbit hole of costs.

The pitfalls of trying to promote yourself

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  • Have someone help or promote them for a lot of money

Many professionals around the world are left with only these two choices:

  • Spend a lot of time and effort trying to figure it out themselves


Too much money, too little time

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In order to maintain a following, you must constantly try to invent new content ideas just to remain relevant and stand out amongst the vast amount of content and users sharing the same platform.

Your work does not end

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Your best work gets buried and overshadowed by your most recent work in order to provide fresh content for the algorithm to suggest your videos over others

The cycle of social media posts

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Worse of all, your potential clients looking for services in your area will still have a difficult time finding you due to the limited search options available!

There is a complete lack of access to reputable and reliable sources for finding a Permanent Makeup professional.

Social media such as Instagram, Facebook, or TikTok do not have options to search for professionals in specific geographic locations.

Clients can’t find you!

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Are you tired of going through this alone?

A partnership with Biotouch and other technicians allows you to focus on what you love and let us handle the difficult and mundane tasks.

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Our partnership arrangement allows us to provide advertising power and handle your customer inquiries.

We can do all of your video editing, translation, website development, and advertising services!

We can help!

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It's also a partnership with other influencers like yourself to come together to support each other's work by sharing content on the same channel and referring business to each other since we all cannot service everyone everywhere all the time.

A partnership is not just a partnership with us.

Your support network

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We also introduce you to an audience-specific content beauty platform.

Your services, along with your credentials, certifications, and endorsements, will be easily searchable on our platform by potential clients.


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On our beauty tip platform, we monetize your videos, screen, and track your inquiries so you can convert views into cash and opportunities such as obtaining clients, students, referral fees, and endorsement deals for products and other technicians around the world.


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The beauty media platform is tailored to those industry professionals around the world who want to learn additional tips and techniques, gain endorsement or partnership, and find clients.

Specifically made

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It is a global-scale platform, so you are no longer limited to just your local market.

We create monetization systems that convert your product endorsements, training seminars, partner endorsements, and client referrals into revenue on a global level.

Think Big!

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Your personal page at Beautytip.page doubles as your project manager and its extensions will help guide you like a to-do list. They also help consumers and partners find the information and chat groups they need through easy-to-remember names and addresses instead of forcing them to hunt for links like other websites.

We will provide you with step-by-step plans to use project and communication tools to manage multiple clients, students, and partnerships in the most efficient and convenient ways for all parties involved, especially for your subscribers who won't have to read unwanted messages, so they stay subscribed and follow your content.

Project Management

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We partner with other professionals like you in other areas to support and recommend each other.

It's a mutually beneficial relationship for all involved, especially for the clients who no longer have to scour the internet for a quality technician near them.

Mutually Beneficial

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We're your partner and advocate.

Share a small percentage with us only when you get paid.

So let's tackle social media together!

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We are your matchmaker and dream achiever.

Start working towards your dreams now.

Contact us at contact.biotouch.partners