Supporting �our mission with smart internal investments

Recommendation to the board

  • Invest in a constituent relationship management (CRM) system that is specific to nonprofits and fundraising
  • Transfer fundraising data from disparate tools into one central, shared location

Opportunities for improvement

  • We can make better-informed, strategic decisions when our data is clean and ready for use, and leading CRMs offer pre-built reports for effective data analysis
  • Our current tools aren’t adequate for our needs

Opportunities for improvement

  • We’re leaving money on the table when our fundraiser(s) spend time and energy on administrative tasks and data management that can be automated, instead of building and maintaining key donor relationships or crafting strategically targeted solicitations
  • Our fundraising growth could double the national average in just one year by switching to a leading fundraising software solution

The benefits of a formal system


We’ll be able to spend more time where it matters most: delivering on our mission


A CRM can serve as a bank of institutional knowledge, and a single source of truth.


The right CRM will process online donations and automate the thank-you process to ensure gifts don’t fall through the cracks.


Consistent branding across receipts, appeals, and thank-yous will strengthen our credibility with donors.


Streamlining gift processing and grant tracking will significantly reduce our stress and workload around regular audits

Recommendation: DonorPerfect

  • DonorPerfect has 50,000 current users, and their clients have raised over �$100 billion since their founding in 1981
  • It offers access to a network of industry experts and a community of nonprofit professionals
  • The system is intuitive and the support team is rated best-in-class
  • Options for partner integrations, including Constant Contact, ReadySetAuction, and more mean we can manage events, mass communications, and other tasks with ease

User reviews

DonorPerfect is very easy. When I started with the organization 5 years ago, within 3 weeks I was figuring out how to do everything in DonorPerfect, and their support team is top-notch. They’re excellent.”

-Eden Autism Services Foundation

User reviews

I love DonorPerfect. When you are looking for a way to ensure that you provide the best customer service to your donors and need some place to capture all of their information, look no further.”

-Milwaukee Youth Symphony Orchestra

User reviews

I have worked with other programs, and DonorPerfect has, by far, been the easiest to learn and to integrate. But more than that, I love the people who work for DonorPerfect. I feel like I know the people on the team.”

-Colorado Open Lands

DonorPerfect is in line with our values

  • Employee-owned and independent since 1981
  • Team structure means they succeed when we succeed
  • Social good through �DP Gives Back

The value of our investment

  • DonorPerfect helps clients save up to 15 hours per week on administrative tasks
  • Clients report doubling or even tripling their constituent base after switching to DonorPerfect
  • Raising more money in less time means we’ll have the energy and resources to not just survive, but thrive

Pricing and next steps


Review and accept proposal (month-to-month, no termination fees)


Initial deposit then set up monthly or annual payments


Meet with Onboarding Coordinator to start data transfer and onboarding process


Any questions?


Anticipate questions: